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30 Rock Episode: "I Do Do"

Season 4, Episode 22
Episode Synopsis: Wedding bells ring in the Season 4 finale when Liz juggles going to three different nuptials, all while meeting her Mr. Right. Elsewhere, Jack's chaotic love triangle reaches its decisive moment. Guest stars: Matt Damon; Julianne Moore; Elizabeth Banks; Will Forte; Michael Sheen; and Jason Sudeikis.
Original Air Date: May 20, 2010
Guest Cast Julianne Moore: Nancy Donovan Elizabeth Banks: Avery Jessup Jason Sudeikis: Floyd Will Forte Michael Sheen: Wesley Matt Damon
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Season 4, Episode 22
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Aired: 5/20/2010
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30 Rock Episode Recap: "I Do Do" Season 4, Episode 22

Love is in the air in NYC as three weddings are about to take place. This season's 30 Rock finale, after being teased with appearances by Will Forte, Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Elizabeth Banks, better live up to my expectations, and if we don't get an answer about who Jack chooses, I may have to submit myself into TGS rehab.

The episode opens where the previous one ended, inside a church for Floyd's wedding. Nancy is furious after finding out that Jack had Avery on the side, and even calls her beau "a gay mortician" after he compliments her dress. And, oh yeah. Liz is going to live with a man in Nineveh and become a prostitute due to her stalling for Jack.
Pete delivers incredible news that Kenneth is now the "junior-in-charge-boy of the entire NBC page program," but the only thing is, our favorite TV nut will have to move out to Los Angeles. That is not good for the page, and he decides to talk to Jack and resign the promotion. Back at the chapel, Liz plays a mean guitar while Jack continues to try and make peace with Nancy. The plan works, and the couple says two meaningful words to each other, "I'm in."

Will Forte is back as Paul, and Jenna is horrified to find out that he is now into dressing up as Cher, not herself. She gives her lover an ultimatum, and he must now choose whether to stay faithful and only impersonate Jenna, or make the plunge and dedicate his life to the "Believe" singer. Meanwhile, just as Jack and Nancy are about to go celebrate their new relationship, Kenneth appears out of nowhere and tries to convince his boss to re-think the promotion. Jack explains that this day is all about "pulling the trigger, and starting new beginnings." This doesn't seem to bode well with our favorite page.

Wesley is demanding as usual, and makes Liz go to his office and retrieve his "fancy" tuxedo shoes. She is even more horrified to find out that he works in the insurance business, specializing in transportation in order to "fulfill his childhood fascination with train accidents." They have an awkward kiss, and it is obvious that there is zero chemistry between them. Back at the TGS studio, Tracy is depressed upon learning that Kenneth may move to California. He doesn't even take orders from the actor, and Tracy is proud of his little prodigy for taking the next step in his career.

At a mixer, Jack runs into Paul, and the two discuss their problem with loving two women at the same time. Paul loves Cher and Jenna, and Jack explains that in a perfect world, it would be possible to mash two women up, "like a s'more you would want to take a shower with." Back in the bathroom, Nancy runs into a girl having a mental breakdown, and this other girl happens to be Avery. The two hit it off, and Nancy offers to hear her problems out. Instantly, the two exchange glances, and realize who each other are. Oh, man, this is getting juicy.

As Liz searches Wesley's office for the shoes, Carol, a pilot played by Matt Damon, is shown looking for his new settling partner. He explains that after a drunken lady caused a commotion and pulled her pants down, he flipped her off, and she in turn severely damaged his finger. He also goes on to say that TGS, his favorite show of all time, plays on his plane. Liz is floored, and exclaims, "Do you believe in fate?" She then asks him to go with her to a "rich girl's wedding" and he gladly accepts.

In order to stay in NYC and not leave Tracy, Kenneth tries to give a lazy, un-educational tour that will cause him to lose the promotion. Back at the engagement party, Jack is picking Carol's brain about being a pilot due the fact that he is developing a talk show around Captain Sully. Liz is ecstatic to be at the wedding with the man of her dreams, and is acting quite enthusiastically during her ushering duties. She believes that fate is still alive and well, and enduring Wesley may have been her ticket to finding the man of her dreams.

Pete is forced to fire Kenneth due to his embarrassing performance, and the page turns in his jacket and gun (funny, writers). Nancy finds Avery's seating card, and forces Jack to tell her all the reasons for liking both women. Regardless of his morning with Nancy, he is still as confused as ever about which broad to stick with. Now, the biggest twist in the series' history is about to be revealed, as Nancy announces that Avery is pregnant. O.M.G.

Liz sends Wesley a "textual transmission" and ends their engagement. She tells him that fate brought them together in order for her to meet Carol, a man she can see spending the rest of her life with. She exclaims, "Praise to the universe! Love is real!" He is pissed, devastated, and leaves instantaneously. To Liz's displeasure, Carol hears this entire exchange, becomes creeped out, and leaves the wedding. Again, unfortunately, Liz is left with no one.

In the end, Jack tells Avery that he wants to marry her, and she accepts. Liz gives a gracious toast at the wedding of Grizz and Fiance — not Beyonce remember — and Carol comes back and wants to give his relationship with the TGS head another shot. Kenneth, during a drunken rampage, touches all of his TGS friends with his kind words, and shouts, "Have a great summer!"

So America, what have we learned today? Cher and Jenna go well together on Will Forte, pilots can even sneak into the White House, and little Jack will be coming sooner than we thought. Thank you all for letting me share my two cents on my favorite show this past season, and until next time, wear a Dashiki. It looked good on Liz.

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Love is in the air in NYC as three weddings are about to take place. This season's 30 Rock finale, after being teased with appearances by Will Forte, Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Elizabeth Banks, better live up to my expectations, and if we don't get an answer about who Jack chooses, I may have to submit myself into TGS rehab.
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