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30 Rock Episode: "Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land"

Season 4, Episode 21
Episode Synopsis: Jon Hamm, Michael Sheen, Jason Sudeikis and Dean Winters guest star when Liz, dateless for Floyd's nuptials, hopes for rekindled love by revisiting past flames. And Jack's love life with Avery (Elizabeth Banks) and Nancy (Julianne Moore) gets messier. Meanwhile, Tracy marches ever onward in his quest to earn an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony).
Original Air Date: May 13, 2010
Guest Cast Jason Sudeikis: Floyd Elizabeth Banks: Avery Jessup Jon Hamm: Dr. Drew Baird Dean Winters: Dennis Duffy Michael Sheen: Wesley Julianne Moore: Nancy Donovan
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Season 4, Episode 21
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Length: 21:20
Aired: 5/13/2010
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30 Rock Episode Recap: "Emmanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land" Season 4, Episode 21

After weeks of unanswered questions, fans hope this week's 30 Rock will provide an end to Jack's love triangle. Avery, has a fiery personality, and Elizabeth Banks plays her perfectly. However, Nancy has all the right qualities to bring Jack back down to earth. Decisions, decisions...

The episode opens with Avery in Jack's office, recounting her appearance on Mad Money, even though "Kramer died months ago." She notifies her new lover that she can't go to Cerie's wedding, and that while she is gone, Jack should think about whether or not he wants to be with her. Naturally, she is off to a "fenced in area," or spa, for women such as herself, which only get their period once a year. As Avery gets in the elevator, Nancy steps out of it, and Jack is back to his love triangle.

It's wedding time, and even though Liz is going alone to Cerie's, she wants two meals. Beyond the fact that she "has to be in Spanx for 12 hours," Liz feels distraught over the fact that she is still alone, single, and forced to attend events solo. After talking the problem out with Jenna, Liz decides to go through her "gentlemen Rolodex" and see what her previous boyfriends are up to.

First up for Liz is Dr. Baird (Jon Hamm). The TGS head goes over to his apartment, in hopes of finding that true, forgotten love. Much to her disgust, he is sporting a pair of hook-hands, due to waving out of a jet-plane and handling fireworks with his cousin. Luckily, Baird is in the running for a hand transplant.

After calling an official "Entourage meeting," Tracy informs Grizz and Dot Com that he wants to take part in Garfield 3 this summer. Instead, the bodyguards feel that he should go for the "O" in "EGOT." They encourage their boss to audition for Hard To Watch, a story of an inner-city boy living in the ghetto, something that Tracy can directly relate to. Because of the Oscar potential, he's in. On second thought, Tracy realizes that playing this role may bring up too many repressed memories. Looks like it will be more work than he thought getting the "O."

Meanwhile, Liz tries to talk Jack out of going on a date with Nancy, even though he planned to take her to a documentary about female circumcision and "eat too much Indian food." After he leaves, Lemon heads to meet Dennis, a past boyfriend, who is now building a strange contraption in the park. Turns out, the low-life has buddied-up with Jose, a child through a service that "places troubled adults with child mentors." They are building a device similar to the one used in the recent balloon boy scandal. Naturally, Liz is creeped out, and frees the young boy from National embarrassment (poor Falcon Heene).  

Back at Jack's apartment, he is wrapping the date up by serving Nancy some warm milk and playing John Philip Sousa marches. She is not impressed, and instead of going to the bathroom, changes into a red lingerie ensemble, and Jack, being the heterosexual man he is, fails to resist temptation by having sex with his childhood sweetheart.

At Cerie's wedding party, Liz is introduced to the man she will be sitting with at the ceremony, and low and behold, it's Wesley. Liz is shocked, frightened and perplexed about this latest coincidence. He is arrogant as usual, and predicts that Liz will be his wife sooner than she thinks. Meanwhile, Nancy is spoiling Jack after their night of passion by making him breakfast. She reveals that besides her ex-husband, Jack is the only other man she has slept with. He tries to downplay the act, but is completely unsuccessful. She is head over heels.

Tracy, along with Kenneth, Grizz, and Dot Com, visit all of the actor's old childhood spots in order to inspire and bring back memories in preparation for the Oscar winning film. Tracy begins to remember times when "he watched a prostitute stab a clown" and when "some guy with dreads electrocuted his fish." This is obviously not going to be easy — the "O" is at stake. Back at Liz's apartment, Jack reveals what happened with Nancy, and finds out that he can bring her along to the wedding — which happens to be a mass — so that he can use her Catholic background in order to buy time to tell her about Avery. Boy, this is getting juicy.

It's wedding day, and Wesley is as annoying as ever. Liz escapes to the front of the chapel for her reading in order to escape this horrible man (who can't even get the Friends theme down correctly). At the podium, she meets a handsome man, who turns out to be a sexual freak and fan of dressing up as mascots. Because of this, she decides to finally settle with Wesley, a man that is just average enough to work.

In the end, Jack's plan to trap Nancy in mass succeeds. She is livid at her new love for having a woman on the side, but can't leave until the final prayer is said. Jack texts Liz in order to have her stall the service, and it works. Before we get any answers, the most dreaded words in television appear: "To be continued..."

So, what have we learned her today folks? Red hair and red lingerie don't clash (thanks Nancy), Garfield 3 is 3 Garfields too many, and Wesley is finally the one for Liz. I don't know about you America, but I still don't think Wesley is the one. I believe Liz still hasn't met him yet. Who knows, maybe the final prayer will never be read, and Liz will live happily ever after with Floyd? Until next week, go join Avery at the period spa. She needs some company.

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After weeks of unanswered questions, fans hope this week's 30 Rock will provide an end to Jack's love triangle. Avery, has a fiery personality, and Elizabeth Banks plays her perfectly. However, Nancy has all the right qualities to bring Jack back down to earth. Decisions, decisions...

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