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30 Rock Episode: "Generalissimo"

Season 3, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: Liz discovers that her new neighbor (Jon Hamm) is a handsome, newly single doctor, but the romantically luckless lass fumbles in her efforts to win his favor. Meanwhile, Jack continues to woo Elisa (Salma Hayek) and tries to impress her grandmother, but his stunning likeness to a Spanish soap villain doesn't help matters. Then there's Tracy, who parties with the new interns but can't measure up to their hard-carousing ways.
Original Air Date: Feb 5, 2009
Guest Cast Salma Hayek: Elisa Jon Hamm: Dr. Drew Baird
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Season 3, Episode 10
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Aired: 2/5/2009
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30 Rock Episode Recap: "Generalissimo" Season 3, Episode 10

This week on NBC's 30 Rock, Liz grew Mad for the man next door, Jack tried to assassinate a Spanish general (in the name of love, mind you), and Tracy struggled to stay not-old. On with the recap!

Overall, this was a pretty strong episode, I thought — once you got past the fact that Jack has a Telemundo look-alike and that Liz would ever, ever be afforded a second chance. The way the Liz and Generalissimo storylines ran parallel to each other (with Lemon learning from the fictional tyrant's evil deeds) was clever, and led to a fun climax where one 30 Rocker came away satisfied, the other mortified.

From the top...

Due to errant mail delivery ("Im gonna say it — women should not deliver mail"), Liz learns a lot about the new pediatrician in her building (guest star Jon Hamm of Mad Men), and becomes a bit, well, obsessed with him. But what gal can blame Liz? Dr. Baird smells of frosting, loves baking, owns an ice cream maker and looks like a cartoon pilot. By every account, she and this guy should grow old and fat together

Liz, though, isn't a perfect fit for Drew, who's big into dogs as well as lots of "charity baloney." So Liz takes some cues from "Generalissmo," the arch villain from the telenovela favored by the abuela of Jack's girlfriend, Elisa. While Jack (through Sheinhardt Wigs' purchase of said sudser) struggles to find a way to kill off the general and thus endear him to Elisa's grammy, Liz studies his ways of persuasion and seduction. But being Liz, her execution sucks.

It even gets so bad that Jenna (!) is a voice of reason advising Liz against the extreme measures she is taking. (Example, the use of roofies: "Having been on both sides of that, I can say it's not a good idea.")

Meanwhile, Jack's bid to nip the general in the bud hits a snag when the telenovela's star, Hector Moreda, goes "broken arrow" and changes what was to be his death scene. In one of those marvels of split-screen technology (remember, fellow old fogies, when you could see the "seam" down the middle?), Jack confronts Hector: The stubborn gents arrive at a compromise: The general will live, but change his ways so as to be adored by elderly Puerto Rican women everywhere.

It all comes to a head when Liz pulls a Generalissimo and invites Drew over for a "building party" (that isn't), while the "new," abuela-friendly general makes his debut. Toggling between storylines, Liz's "date" starts well, then escalates into new and newer kinds of awful, while the general woos an older love interest by fawning over photos of her grandkids, scratching lottery tickets and going to McDonald's to only order coffee.

Has Liz blown it with Don, er, Drew already? Nope. Just as she suggests that "weirder things have happened" (than her opening of his mail, faking a lost dog and accidentally roofie-ing the guy), the happier new NBC News gives us Tracy Jordan as the new Lehman Brothers boss and a random montage of beautiful Latin babies. "It's a date," the doc smiles.

But what will Betty say?!

The bullets:
• "Oh, Lemon — don't start unless you've got something."
• Is that the first time we've seen the TGS kitchen? And why is Liz bringing her mail to work to open?
• "He's a pediatrician, so he likes kids ... or feet. No, kids." (Honest mix-up.)
• "That's a federal offense, Jenna — and you already have two strikes."
• "Only the special [NBC] tours get to see Conan without his wig."
• One of TGS' orphaned Wall Street interns: "When I quote lines from your movies, that's not racist, is it?" (Who was that actor? It's driving me crazy....)
• "You shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition at." What happened to the Tracy who in the pilot corrected Twofer on good vs. well?
• "A yard like a lawn? Yes, I have."
• "I want to go to there" — a recurring line which Tina Fey has revealed she co-opted from her daughter!
• Elisa discussing her brothers from different sides of the law: "I hope those two don't eventually have a showdown that pits family against justice."
• "He gets all of the movie channels, including Starz." Fancy!
• "Tracy pulled an Uncle Harland Purcell last night — minus the wistful jug-blowing."
• "And what is Rohypnol?"
• "Sometimes she comes at me with a knife because of a silver frenzy."
• Elisa, on Liz's surprise that she's Jack's nurse girlfriend: "Yeah, some of us are hot."
• The ruthless Generalissimo strapping (and lighting!) a stick of dynamite to a kid's head.
• Jack and Elisa's dispute over whether "Metrocard" is broken English or a real thing. (Answer: It's real.)
• "Buster's probably dead. Do you wanna go to the wine bar around the corner and deal with these emotions?"
• Moreda having a lucrative endorsement deal with Sabor de Solidad. (Nice dovetailing of a recurring joke!)
• Another testament to Salma Hayek's hotness: The "super gay" Moreda saying, "I would totally switch for her."
• Elisa translating Liz's telenovela script ... and taking out all the Star Wars references.
• Uncle Harland's hangover cure involves road-kill meat and ... alcohol?
• Tracy's terror over turning "old" and getting serious movie scripts: "Do you really want to see me play Arthur Ashe?"
• Liz to "Buster": "Let's get you back in your special kitchen cabinet."
• Liz, confronted by Drew with her love for meat, cheese and the Vegetarian Times: "I'm a flip-flopper."

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This week on NBC's 30 Rock, Liz grew Mad for the man next door, Jack tried to assassinate a Spanish general (in the name of love, mind you), and Tracy struggled to stay not-old. On with the recap!

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