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Latest Episode: Bad Boys [HD]

Apr 17, 2014 Season 3 Episode 17 watch on (Paid)

Few teams in professional sports history elicit such a wide range of emotions as the Detroit Pistons of the late 1980s and early 1990s. For some, the team was heroic- made up of gritty, hard-nosed players who didn't back down from anyone. And for others, it was exactly that trait - the willingness to do seemingly anything to win - that made them the "Bad Boys", the team fans loved to hate.

Requiem for The Big East [HD]

Mar 16, 2014 Season 2 Episode 17

Requiem For The Big East chronicles the meteoric ascension of the Big East conference, and how in less than a decade, it became the most successful college basketball league in America.
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The Price of Gold [HD]

Jan 16, 2014 Season 2 Episode 16

The Kerrigan - Harding incident that rocked the Olympic and sports world.
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Youngstown Boys [HD]

Dec 14, 2013 Season 2 Episode 15

Youngstown Boys is a feature documentary exploring class and power dynamics in college sports through the parallel, interconnected journeys of Maurice Clarett and Jim Tressel.
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9.79* [HD]

Apr 23, 2013 Season 2 Episode 8

The 100-meter men's final at the 1988 Seoul Games was the fastest and perhaps most thrilling sprint in Olympic history. But within 48 hours, gold medalist Ben Johnson had tested positive for anabolic steroids.
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Elway to Marino [HD]

Mar 17, 2013 Season 2 Episode 7

In the spring of 1983, a new generation of superstars was poised to enter the NFL. Six quarterbacks were selected in the first round of that draft - still the most ever. Elway to Marino explores this landmark draft.
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Survive and Advance [HD]

Dec 08, 2012 Season 2 Episode 6

When the 1982-83 college basketball season began, Jim Valvano and his North Carolina State Wolfpack faced high expectations with equally high aspirations. But with ten losses for the season, the Wolfpack's only hope of making the NCAA Tournament was to win the ACC Tournament.
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You Don't Know Bo [HD]

Oct 30, 2012 Season 2 Episode 5

A close look at legendary sports figure Bo Jackson and the marketing campaign that shaped his legacy and redefined the role of the athlete in the pop cultural conversation.
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Ghosts of Ole Miss [HD]

Oct 23, 2012 Season 2 Episode 4

In 1962, the University of Mississippi campus erupted in violence over integration and swelled with pride over an unbeaten football team.
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Benji [HD]

Oct 16, 2012 Season 2 Episode 3

In 1984, 17-year-old Ben Wilson was a symbol of everything promising about Chicago. His senseless murder the day before his senior season sent ripples through the nation.
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There's No Place Like Home [HD]

Oct 09, 2012 Season 2 Episode 2

On December 10, 2010, Sotheby's auctioned off the most important historical document in sports history--James Naismith's original rules of basketball.
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Broke [HD]

Oct 02, 2012 Season 2 Episode 1

Broke explores the roads to fortune in American sports and eventually, the many detours to bankruptcy. Bernie Kosar, Andre Rison and Cliff Floyd are among the athletes who talk openly about the challenges of managing their money.
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