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Why did NBC move The Office ...

Question: Why did NBC move The Office so it now conflicts with Grey's Anatomy? I guess putting Scrubs after it might give that show the break it deserves. And now they put Cane opposite Boston Legal. I don't have TiVo, so I guess I have to dust off my VHS. Do they really want to weed out good (old) shows or jeopardize new ones? On another topic, what happened to Shark? Answer: The move of The Office has nothing to do with giving Scrubs a break. This is Scrubs' final season, and nothing's going to make it a breakout hit. Actually, none of NBC's comedies on Thursday are runaway hits. The move probably has to do with giving 30 Rock a more protected slot at 8:30 pm/ET, between My Name Is Earl and The Office. The fact is that some good NBC comedy is going to have to go up against Grey's Anatomy and CSI, and The Office is arguably better suited, thematically and content-wise, for the later time period. And Cane vs. Boston Legal? CBS had to put something there, having basically vamped with ... read more

I guess 3 Lbs was really just ...

Question: I guess 3 Lbs was really just Stanley Tucci's audition tape for ER. Any news on if he'll be back for next season?

Answer: Not only will he be back, but he'll be a series regular.

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I was just looking for the ...

Question: I was just looking for the next episode of 3 LBS, and after reading your column, now understand why I couldn't find it. You say CBS has to go back to the drawing board. Frankly, I was rather upset when they moved Without a Trace to Sunday night. People are tired and usually go to bed early on Sundays. CBS would dominate Tuesday nights if they moved Without a Trace to after The Unit. Answer: Again, I'm not buying that 10-pm-is-too-late argument, on Sundays of all nights. I do wonder how long it will be before CBS experiments with moving one of its successful franchises to Tuesdays (and not in repeats), to see if there's any way to reverse that jinx. Without a Trace would be a good pick, but that would leave a hole on Sundays, where the move to back-to-back procedurals (Cold Case and Trace) is still relatively new. So I wouldn't expect to see a change there anytime soon ... read more

I knew the network was not ...

Question: I knew the network was not going to keep 3 LBS on the air, but not because it's not a good show. I think it was interesting, but it was a bit morbid. I especially enjoyed the pilot episode when the young violinist had had a seizure. Do you think its realistic morbidity may have been why it did not pull in as many viewers? Maybe people need or want to see "lighter" shows. Even though ER and House are medical dramas, they have many light moments, but 3 LBS seemed to be a darker show. It made one feel that what happened to the fictional patient could so easily happen to anyone. What do you think? Answer: I'm not sure enough people even gave the show a chance to decide if it was too morbid for them. I think it was one medical drama too many, and that if CBS cynically thought it could attract the House viewer by airing such a transparent clone an hour later on the same night, it should have expended more effort toward making a better clone. There were elements of 3 LBS with humor ... read more

December 4, 2006: Farewell

Well, as most of you viewers probably know, 3 LBS has been cancelled. I just wanted to say that I was starting to really like this show and was pulling for it, although, I knew surviving the heavily-packed medical drama schedule would be tough.Thanks for reading! read more

Already I am hearing that 3 ...

Question: Already I am hearing that 3 LBS on CBS is doing even worse than Smith did in the Tuesday time period. I like Stanley Tucci, but I watched one episode and thought the show was awful. Something tells me that the network will pull the plug; what say you? Answer: Wasn't this a timely question? Barely had I wrapped this column when CBS pulled the plug on the show after a mere three episodes. Personally, I didn't think 3 LBS was awful as much as it was awfully ordinary and awfully derivative. But once again, CBS has bombed out in that 10 pm-Tuesday time period, despite solid lead-ins NCIS and The Unit. It almost feels cursed. Guess we'll be seeing more replays of CBS' ubiquitous crime dramas while CBS goes back to the drawing board.I wouldn't say 3 LBS is awful as much as it is awfully ordinary and awfully derivative. But once again, CBS is struggling in that 10 pm Tuesday time period, despite solid lead-ins NCIS and The Unit. It almost feels cursed. And yes, I agree: I'd be ... read more

Studio 60 Set for March Blackout. Plus: CBS Sheds LBS

New light has been shed on NBC's mid-season slate, detailed in this column Wednesday afternoon. Variety reports that The Black Donnellys and Raines will land on Monday and Friday, replacing Studio 60 and Las Vegas, respectively, when they (finally) premiere in early March. At that time, Studio 60 will have four episodes remaining in the can, though it is not certain when they will air. Also, the Season 2 bow of America's Got Talent has been bumped from January to summer. (That one was keeping me awake last night, yep.)Over at CBS, Stanley Tucci's 3 LBS has been declared brain-dead (as Variety aptly puts it) after three airings, and placed on hiatus. Filling CBS' Tuesdays-at-10 time slot, starting Dec. 19, will be crime-drama encores. I'm sorry, Amy Smart was dissed for this? read more

November 28, 2006: There's Something in the Stars

The smudged faces in the opening of this episode were semi-freaky, but I couldn't believe someone could actually be seeing that. Face Blindness. Can you imagine being one of the two percent of the population who has this? I like the tests Holland gives her patients…. They let you in on the examination process.Rebecca Ellis (Jessica Hecht) struck a chord with me, since she's returning to Hanson's office for the second time after he repaired an aneurysm once before. Part of me kept seeing Carol's girlfriend Susan from Friends, but this character seems weathered, tired, scared of finding out there's something else wrong with her brain. "I have very steady hands, that's all you need to care about," says Hanson. His bits of charm interspersed with intense patient exams definitely work for me. I'm a fan.I'm not sure what the meaning of Dr. Flores' talkative moment with Rebecca was, but maybe just a simple way to introduce him a little more. He seems quirky but witty, too."Odds are fe... read more

November 21, 2006: Right or Left?

"Do you really want me to explain empathy?" says Seger. I have to say that, although I'm uncertain about the fate of this show, I do like the writing thus far. The exchange between Seger and Hanson is a great combination. I like Seger's eagerness and his persistent nature — wanting to open Hanson to the personal side of being a doctor and breaking away from acting like a machine 24/7. The major story this week — pregnant Kate Larson (Erin Dilly), who has to decide between keeping her baby or removing a tumor that's slowly killing her — is hard to watch, but it's a solid story line to have while this show is still young and vulnerable. I'm interested, and there are still 45 minutes left in the episode...."It's easy to be a saint," Hanson says to Holland when she comments that Seger does mean well. I love Stanley Tucci's veteran-doc attitude that he brings to the character — a convincing portrayal of a neurological surgeon who knows his stuff. I think he's spitting... read more

3 LBS Star Weighs In on Storytelling Controversy

Mark Feuerstein, 3 LBS

Mark Feuerstein, whose credits to date are vast and varied — including TV's The West Wing, Once and Again and Good Morning, Miami, and the movies Woman on Top and In Her Shoes — is exploring new, undiscovered territory these days as Dr. Jonathan Seger, the idealistic young surgeon serving as a fellow to Stanley Tucci's brilliant brain man on CBS' 3 LBS (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET). We invited the actor to flex his gray matter and weigh in on the new medical drama's strengths — as well as one perceived weakness. TVGuide.com: If I may steal from the show's ad campaign, some may say that acting isn't brain surgery, but in this case it is.Mark Feuerstein: [Laug read more

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