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3 LBS Season 1 episodes

The God Spot Season 1, Episode 5

A 12-year-old girl suffers epileptic seizures, but she doesn't want to have surgery to stop them because she claims to see God in the euphoric moments leading up to the seizures. Also, a man undergoes brain surgery after being hit with a baseball bat. When he comes out of anesthesia, he begins to confess intimate thoughts that he used to withhold, which proves unsettling for his wife. read more

December 4, 2006: Farewell Season 1, Episode 4

Well, as most of you viewers probably know, 3 LBS has been cancelled. I just wanted to say that I was starting to really like this show and was pulling for it, although, I knew surviving the heavily-packed medical drama schedule would be tough.Thanks for reading! read more

November 28, 2006: There's Something in the Stars Season 1, Episode 3

The smudged faces in the opening of this episode were semi-freaky, but I couldn't believe someone could actually be seeing that. Face Blindness. Can you imagine being one of the two percent of the population who has this? I like the tests Holland gives her patients…. They let you in on the examination process.Rebecca Ellis (Jessica Hecht) struck a chord with me, since she's returning to Hanson's office for the second time after he repaired an aneurysm once before. Part of me kept seeing Carol's girlfriend Susan from Friends, but this character seems weathered, tired, scared of finding out there's something else wrong with her brain. "I have very steady hands, that's all you need to care about," says Hanson. His bits of charm interspersed with intense patient exams definitely work for me. I'm a fan.I'm not sure what the meaning of Dr. Flores' talkative moment with Rebecca was, but maybe just a simple way to introduce him a little more. He seems quirky but witty, too."Odds are fe... read more

November 21, 2006: Right or Left? Season 1, Episode 2

"Do you really want me to explain empathy?" says Seger. I have to say that, although I'm uncertain about the fate of this show, I do like the writing thus far. The exchange between Seger and Hanson is a great combination. I like Seger's eagerness and his persistent nature — wanting to open Hanson to the personal side of being a doctor and breaking away from acting like a machine 24/7. The major story this week — pregnant Kate Larson (Erin Dilly), who has to decide between keeping her baby or removing a tumor that's slowly killing her — is hard to watch, but it's a solid story line to have while this show is still young and vulnerable. I'm interested, and there are still 45 minutes left in the episode...."It's easy to be a saint," Hanson says to Holland when she comments that Seger does mean well. I love Stanley Tucci's veteran-doc attitude that he brings to the character — a convincing portrayal of a neurological surgeon who knows his stuff. I think he's spitting... read more

November 14, 2006: "It's Wires... in a Box." Season 1, Episode 1

I loved this show's opening scene: The x-ray vision of her tendons, muscles, wires moving as she plays the violin, struggling as her brain disconnects... the violin falling only seconds before she did. And suddenly we're in the tense, matter-of-fact New York medical office of Dr. Doug Hanson (Stanley Tucci), where a mother is being fed gigantic neurological terms she doesn't understand and Hanson is as cold as ice, but calm and collected at the same time, omitting any emotion or feeling, having not a care in the world other than the work at hand.We meet Penny — who sells medical equipment — someone finally able to break Hanson's straight face with a warm greeting in the locker room. A past fling perhaps?Things get interesting — and personal — when Hanson is scrubbing in and sees a vision of a little girl holding a sand pail. Who is she? A former patient he wasn't able to save? His daughter? It's as if he can turn it on and off when she disappears as he goes into ... read more

Plugged In Season 1, Episode 8

Hanson attempts a risky procedure to cure a patient with severe clinical depression after medication fails to help the man. read more

The Cutting Edge Season 1, Episode 7

Hanson's mentor, a sly British surgeon, visits him and requests that he perform surgery on one of her patients who has a cancerous tumor. Doug takes the opportunity to tell her that he is experiencing hallucinations and asks her to look at his brain scans. Also, a married woman who believes she is pregnant with her lover's child learns she has a brain tumor, but she doesn't want her husband to know about the pregnancy. read more

Bad Boys Season 1, Episode 6

A 19-year-old man goes into a coma following a motorcycle accident in which he was not wearing a helmet. His chances of recovery are slight and his put-upon mother wants to place him in an inexpensive facility where he will get little attention, but his teenage girlfriend fights for better treatment. Also, Eddie worries after he scans his own brain and discovers he may have a tumor. read more

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Premise: A top New York neurosurgeon and his highly skilled protégé explore the intricacies of the brain as they perform surgeries and care for the needs of their patients.


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