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24 Episode: "Day 8: 2:00 AM-3:00 AM"

Season 8, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: A key person at CTU is demoted, and struggles to handle the change. Meanwhile, an annoying parole officer (Stephen Root) makes an appearance.
Original Air Date: Mar 8, 2010
Guest Cast Mare Winningham: Elaine Al-Zacar Nazneen Contractor: Kayla Hassan Hrach Titizian: Nabeel Mido Hamada: Samir Ethan Rains: Ali Necar Zadegan: Dalia Hassan Rami Malek: Marcos Al-Zacar Stephen Root: Bill Prady Julian Morris: Agent Owens
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Season 8, Episode 11
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Length: 44:00
Aired: 11/16/2010
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24 Episode Recap: 4:00 A.M.-5:00 A.M. Season 8, Episode 11

In another action-packed hour, 24 saves the best for last: CTU Agent Dana Walsh is, in fact, working with the terrorists, and she's a cold-blooded murderer to boot.

As the hour begins, CTU is in a panic, with all key systems — right down to the plumbing and overhead lights — out of commission after the EMP bomb explosion. Moving and thinking fast as ever, Jack gets in touch with an old contact at the NSA, asking for help in getting CTU's systems back on line — oh, and also shutting down all bridge and tunnel traffic into New York. Meaning there's only one way the nuclear material is entering the city: across the East River.

Of course, that's exactly what the terrorists are planning, frantically loading the rods into an inflatable boat just as Jack and Ortiz arrive on the scene. Then it's time for a gun battle with some serious firepower.

Jack can do a lot with a handgun (or even a large knife), but it's even cooler to see him handling a high-powered automatic rifle. And with Ortiz calling out the location of the shooters using an infrared scope, these two make a pretty good team — though not quite good enough to stop Samir from making it into the boat and taking those rods across the river.

Back at CTU, the team from NSA arrives, but they're not so much looking to help get things back on track as drive the train. As their head guy, Frank, tells Hastings, they built this place, so they can get things back online more quickly if CTU personnel just stay out of their way.

In all the confusion, Chloe fails to persuade Hastings to send a team after Jack and Ortiz. So she decides to call on Renee, who eagerly springs back into action. And this time, Jack's not there to tell Renee she's not ready for this — she's ready, and she's packing heat.

Out in the field, Jack and his team are still pinned down, so they come up with the idea of forming a Greek-style phalanx with steel shielding. It works until one of the young bucks get spooked, breaks formation and is promptly shot several times. Then, while trying to drag him to safety, his big-hearted buddy gets taken out too, so we're down to only Jack and Ortiz.

Of course, Jack calls the hero play, drawing the terrorists' fire as Ortiz makes a break for it. Jack is hit several times in his bulletproof vest and knocked to the ground, but just when one of the terrorists' has his head in a sight, Renee shows up and puts a bullet in the guy. I couldn't resist cheering a little at that.

As it turns out, Renee isn't the only one packing a piece — perhaps taking a pep talk from Renee a little too far, Chloe orders NSA Frank and his team out of the server room at gunpoint (!) when they won't take her suggestions. Seems like Chloe picked up a little contact crazy from all those years working hand-in-hand with Jack.

It looks like her plan to tap into the trunk line (whatever that means) is going relatively smoothly, until Hastings has a team knock down the server room door and orders Chloe to hand over her gun. She pleads for 10 more minutes to finish the job. For some reason, Hastings asks for input from the never-reliable Dana, who doesn't back Chloe up — prompting the bitter retort, "You've never been my biggest fan. Why should you start now?"

Still, Hastings is swayed by Chloe's determination, and he gives her the time. And — no big surprise — it works. Chloe looks like the hero of the day, or at least the hour. Hastings is now clearly in Chloe's corner, as he tells NSA Frank once CTU's systems start to come back online, "Why don't you go see if Miss O'Brian needs a hand? And be civil this time."

While Chloe is winning herself extra points, Dana is showing her true colors — and they're even worse than what she revealed to her fiancé a couple hours back. During a conversation in a darkened hallway, Prady makes one last plea for Dana to come clean. When she doesn't, it looks like the probation officer might use this opportunity to take her out, or find a way to make her talk.

But after going over Dana's head to Hastings and being sent to wait in a holding room, it's Prady that gets taken out. Before he can speak with Hastings, Dana slips into the room to confront him. Prady tells Dana he knows she helped Kevin with the evidence warehouse robbery, and he'll make sure she goes down for it — and that's all Dana needs to hear. With a couple of quick blows, Prady is on the floor and Dana is choking the life out of him, then hiding his body in the holding room wall.

As if that's not shocking enough, who's the first person she calls post-mortem? Samir, who seems concerned that Dana's cover could be blown until she assures him the problem has been dealt with. How many secret identities does this woman have?

At least we have a decent reason for Dana being so ridiculously unlikable now — and an important link between all of her seemingly inane drama and the main thrust of this season. Though we still could have gotten there with a whole lot less hand-wringing and KevinEx time...

Stray Observations:

  • Tarin explaining to Samir who Jack is: "It's Jack Bauer, ex-CTU — he was one of their best agents." No, Tarin, he was the best.
  • We got just a little Hassan time this week, as a very shaken Kayla was reunited with her mother and father at CTU where a subterranean evacuation is planned for the first family of Kamistan. What are the chances that will go smoothly?
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In another action-packed hour, 24 saves the best for last: CTU Agent Dana Walsh is, in fact, working with the terrorists, and she's a cold-blooded murderer to boot.

As the hour begins... read more

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Premise: An exciting and edgy real-time action series about U.S. counterterrorist agent Jack Bauer trying to save his country from foreign and domestic enemies in the course of 24 grueling hours (with each hour a separate episode). The series took a great concept and executed it superbly, juggling taut storylines with forceful performances and a stylish, gritty look. Which made it easier to forgive some of the more foolish and implausible subplots, many involving Jack's crisis-magnet daughter, Kim.



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