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24 Episode: "Day 7: 11:00 PM-12 Midnight"

Season 7, Episode 16
Episode Synopsis: The FBI collaborates with other agencies as theories linking Starkwood and Sangala begin to emerge and thousands of lives are placed in jeopardy.
Original Air Date: Mar 30, 2009
Guest Cast Kevin Fry-Bowers: Cooper Rory Cochrane: Greg Seaton Sprague Grayden: Olivia Taylor Cameron Daddo: Vice President Hayworth Connor Trinneer: Carl Gadsen Michael Rodrick: Stokes
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Season 7, Episode 16
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Length: 08:41:35
Aired: 3/30/2009
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24 Episode Recap: "2:00 A.M.-3:00 A.M." Season 7, Episode 16

Well, now we know for sure: Larry's really dead, glassy eyes, blood-smeared mouth and all. In order to set up his cover story for Larry's murder — and presumably continue working his evil plan from the inside — Tony pulls the old shooting-himself-and-waiting-for-help move. Clichéd, but effective.

Agents quickly arrive on the scene, and Renee is the first person called with the news of Larry's death. Rendered speechless for a moment, she's obviously crushed, but manages not to totally fall apart — because, as one of the on-scene guys reminds her, "You're the ranking agent in charge now." And just like that, Renee pulls it together and prepares to lead a team of agents in pursuit of the remaining bioweapon canister — and, perhaps more importantly, Larry's killer.

At this point, Jack decides he's had enough of sitting on the sidelines waiting to die, and he hops into Renee's chopper just before takeoff. Of course she argues that he's too sick to be in the field, but as Kim told her moments earlier, there's no changing Jack's mind once it's made up. Or, as Jack himself puts it, "You wanna keep arguing about this and waste more time?"

You can never be 100-percent sure of anything with 24, but when Tony tells his Starkwood buddy Galvez (Gabriel Casseus) to get as many FBI agents as possible inside of a building and blow them up  — well, it doesn't exactly seem like he's secretly one of the good guys, does it?

In other Starkwood business, a new element is introduced at the top of the hour when a lawyer called in by Hodges is assaulted at her home and replaced by a young, blonde look-alike. Her disguise (and some kind of finger-print-fooling technology) is good enough to get Lawyer Barbie to Hodges' White House holding cell. And she has a very unpleasant message to deliver: Starkwood's employers (whoever they are) have decided that Hodges suffered a "psychotic break" and can no longer be trusted to protect their interests. So, in exchange for not harming Hodges' family, they're offering him a suicide solution. He reluctantly accepts the little red pill (anyone else think of The Matrix as soon as they saw it?).

While being transported from the White House by a couple of soldiers, Hodges takes his medicine and immediately goes into convulsions. Though, judging by the previews for next week, they don't appear to be fatal. (Maybe he should have taken the blue pill?)

It's around that point we get this episode's first "wow" moment: After Kim leaves FBI headquarters, her call to a guy named Steve reveals that not only is she presumably married, but Jack has a granddaughter. And she's named Teri, obviously in honor of the late Mrs. Bauer. Kinda touching — and the kid's adorable to boot.

Meanwhile out in the field, Jack arrives at the scene of Tony and Larry's shootout, and immediately spots some holes in Tony's version of events. He particularly seems to notice something about the blood around Moss's mouth. Did the eagle eye spot some fingerprints in those crimson smudges? Wouldn't put anything past even an ailing Jack Bauer.

Tony and Galvez's plan to lure the FBI teams into a trap is going swimmingly — until Jack's Spidey sense once again begins tingling (does it ever really stop though?). And how pissed does Tony look as he watches Jack swiftly put all of the pieces together? Thought he might attack his old friend right there — soon enough, though...

Ultimately, Jack's too late to get everyone out of the building before it explodes, but he manages to save a few lives. The big question mark (at least for one commercial break) is whether or not Renee was one of them. Of course, she's fine — much to a stricken-looking Jack's relief — other than a couple mild injuries and some ashy-face.

That weight off his mind, Jack finally completes the puzzle and heads out after Tony, who is helping a "wounded" Galvez into an ambulance. Telling Tony, "We need to talk," he promptly points a gun at Tony's head and begins his interrogation. "How are you involved in this? How were you shot?" But Tony barely has to even come up with a decent lie before Jack's tremors return and he collapses, shaking violently.

It's then that Tony shows his darkest side yet, taking the medical kit out of Jack's pocket and taunting him with it: "This what you're looking for? ... I never wanted to hurt you, Jack. I told you to stay out of it. But you wouldn't listen, would you?"

As the hour closes, Galvez — still presumably carrying the bioweapon — has taken control of the ambulance, put a gun to the driver's head and told him to "drive." Where to is anyone's guess, though the first thing that leaps into my mind is the White House...

Stray Observations:
• It just sounds strange to hear Olivia call President Taylor "mom" as they're doing a walk-and-talk through the White House. I guess it would be weird to call her anything else — but maybe that's one of the many reasons presidents don't usually make their kid chief of staff.

• Bad Tony's kind of a tool, even to fellow bad dudes. When Galvez complains that 20 minutes doesn't give him enough time to execute their blow-up-the-FBI-agents plan, Tony shoots back, "No, it doesn't. So maybe you should get off the phone and get to it."

• I know some of you hate those enviro-messages that have been appearing during 24 commercial breaks lately (and last week's featuring Mary Lynn Rajskub was indeed painfully awkward). But you've gotta admit, Annie Wersching looked pretty hot in that "Green It" advert, didn't she?

• Speaking of the enviro-messages, the next commercial break features one from Carlos Bernard — who seems like kind of an odd spokesman for environmentalism just a couple minutes after attempting to kill one of his most loyal friends. Chalk it up to poor timing, I guess.

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Well, now we know for sure: Larry's really dead, glassy eyes, blood-smeared mouth and all. In order to set up his cover story for Larry's murder — and presumably continue working his evil plan from the inside — Tony pulls the old shooting-himself-and-waiting-for-help move. Clichéd, but effective.

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