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20/20 on OWN Season 1 episodes

Shattered Relations Season 1, Episode 57

Family disappearances are discussed. read more

The Suitcase Murder Season 1, Episode 56

An affluent family's life comes apart. read more

Revenge for Real: Miami Millionaire Season 1, Episode 55

A revenge plot takes place in Miami. read more

Simon Says Season 1, Episode 54

Teens begin a secret organization. read more

Buried Secrets Season 1, Episode 53

A husband's mental health deteriorates. read more

Lies of the Mind Season 1, Episode 52

A father may have killed his wife while sleepwalking. read more

What Happened To Alissa? Season 1, Episode 51

A teen disappears and a letter is found, indicating that she left for California. read more

Justice for Justine Season 1, Episode 50

A teacher is the victim of a hit and run, or so it seems. read more

Murder Caught on Tape Season 1, Episode 49

A college student leaves her boyfriend's home for snacks but never comes back. Her disappearance is investigated. read more

Vanished in 90 Seconds Season 1, Episode 48

An 11 year old girl's disappearance is investigated. read more

Lives Cut Short Season 1, Episode 47

A young star succumbs to drugs. read more

Danger Next Door Season 1, Episode 46

A local news anchor is murdered. read more

Driven to Kill Season 1, Episode 45

A beloved stepfather is murdered. read more

The Mysterious Disappearance of Kathleen Durst Season 1, Episode 44

A newly married woman discovers her husband's dark side. read more

Ghosts of Autumn Season 1, Episode 43

Two teens victimized in a small New England town are discussed. read more

Murder in the Family Season 1, Episode 42

Interview with death row inmate Bart Whitaker, who was convicted of masterminding the murder of his parents and brother. read more

In Search of the Truth Season 1, Episode 41

A woman tries to free her incarcerated cousins after admitting she had them falsely accused of sexual abuse. read more

Deadly Encounters Season 1, Episode 40

A harrowing investigation of events that may have led to death. read more

Husbands and Hostages Season 1, Episode 39

An abused woman tries to leave, so her husband tries to kill her. read more

Death Foretold Season 1, Episode 37

An investigation into a woman's unexplained death soon paints a terrifying picture of her unhappy marriage. read more

Femme Fatales Season 1, Episode 36

Tales of women, violence and revenge are explored. read more

What He Did For Love Season 1, Episode 35

A murderer's story of infidelity reveals that he might have had an accomplice. read more

What Happened to Nina Reiser? Season 1, Episode 34

A Russian doctor disappears after her marriage ends and suspicion falls on her ex-husband. read more

Deadly Deceptions Season 1, Episode 33

The case of a man who fled his Boston home for London after the shocking murder of his wife and child is investigated. read more

Faith Betrayed Season 1, Episode 32

A man fakes his own death; a wife shoots her husband. read more

A Death in the Family Season 1, Episode 31

A woman stands trial for her husband's murder. read more

Love, Interrupted Season 1, Episode 30

A report on the case of a teenage girl suspected of killing her parents because they didn't approve of her boyfriend. read more

Mayra's Revenge? Season 1, Episode 29

The case of a teen who stabbed a man and claimed she acted in self-defense is reviewed. read more

Life of Lies Season 1, Episode 28

Exploring the case of Utah doctor Martin MacNeill, who was accused of drugging and drowning his wife in their bathtub in April 2007. read more

Invitation to Murder Season 1, Episode 27

A teen's mother is stabbed to death. read more

Haunting Words Season 1, Episode 26

A report on a Nebraska couple who froze to death while high on crystal meth. Also: a woman who was abused by her husband. read more

Lights, Camera, Murder Season 1, Episode 25

An obsessed teen posts footage of the girl he's stalking on the Internet read more

Riley Fox: Daddy's Little Girl Season 1, Episode 24

The 2004 murder of 3-year-old Riley Fox is investigated. read more

Anchorwoman Season 1, Episode 23

A report on the disappearance of Jodi Huisentruit, a popular Mason City, Iowa, anchorwoman who vanished in the early hours of June 27, 1995. read more

Stranger Danger Season 1, Episode 22

A television anchor recalls being stalked by a viewer. read more

Faking It Season 1, Episode 21

Elaborate lies, schemes and secret lives are exposed. Included: a young man who posed as a physician's assistant and, later, a police officer. read more

Central Park Jogger Season 1, Episode 20

The assault and rape case of Trisha Meili, also known as the Central Park jogger, is examined. read more

Linda Lusk Season 1, Episode 19

Linda Lusk, a former mayor who was accused of having sexual contact with a 14-year-old boy, is profiled. read more

Death by Driving Season 1, Episode 18

A woman faces manslaughter charges after a fatal car crash in which alcohol was a factor. read more

Amanda Knox Season 1, Episode 17

An interview with Amanda Knox, the American exchange student in Italy whose conviction for the 2007 murder of her roommate was overturned on Oct. 3, 2011. read more

In Whom We Trust Season 1, Episode 16

Profiling Dalia Dippolito, who was convicted in a murder-for-hire scheme against her husband. read more

Steubenville Scandal Season 1, Episode 15

An extensive look at a sexual-assault case in Steubenville, Ohio, in which two high-school football players were found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl. read more

Vanished: Missing Coeds Season 1, Episode 14

Two seemingly unrelated college students vanish mysteriously. read more

Killing Me With His Love Season 1, Episode 13

Examining suspicious deaths within marriages. Included: a woman who was shot while on the beach at night with her husband. read more

Rescued Season 1, Episode 12

A report on Ethan, an Alabama child who was rescued after being held hostage for six days. read more

The Gladiators: Defending Clara Harris Season 1, Episode 11

Examining the case of Clara Harris, who was convicted of running down her philandering husband in a parking garage. read more

Vanished: Down Under Season 1, Episode 10

An examination of the January 1998 disappearance of Tom and Eileen Lonergan, who mysteriously vanished off the coast of Australia while scuba diving with a charter group. read more

Ultimate Betrayal Season 1, Episode 9

A guy hires a hit man to kill his sister. read more

Innocence Lost Season 1, Episode 8

A pair of teenage cousins are abducted and sold into the sex-slave industry. read more

Survivors Season 1, Episode 7

Profiles of women who survived traumatic events. Included: a woman who was brutally attacked on a biking trip in 1977; a teenage surfer who survived a shark attack. read more

Husbands and Murderers Season 1, Episode 6

A hairdresser learns about her husband's mysterious past. read more

Black Widows Season 1, Episode 5

A murder plot involving spouses is investigated. read more

Searching Sisters Season 1, Episode 4

A woman uncovers a startling secret during a search for her missing sister. read more

A Mother's Search Season 1, Episode 3

Examining actions to take when a child is kidnapped. read more

What Remains Season 1, Episode 2

A young woman is murdered while studying overseas in South Korea, and her travel partner is accused of the crime. read more

The Power of Forgiveness Season 1, Episode 1

Revisiting stories from the popular newsmagazine mixing investigative reports with human-interest and celebrity features. First up: A 7-year-old child is kidnapped during a family camping trip in Montana. read more

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Premise: Revisiting stories from the popular newsmagazine mixing investigative reports with human-interest and celebrity features.

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