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Latest Episode: The North Gyeonggido Tour Part 2 With Guest Rain

Jan 18, 2014 Season 3 Episode 8 watch on Hulu (Free)

The crew continues their Gyeonggido adventures with boot camp with a very special Morning Angel.

Clear Skies, Hail in the Eyes

Dec 20, 2104 Season 1 Episode 518

It's the final episode before the new year and the members have a sunny island in their future... unless the harsh weather gets in their way.
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One Year Anniversary, Part 2

Dec 13, 2014 Season 1 Episode 517

Continuing their celebration, the members play the same games they played on their first episode. Later, they are greeted by special morning angels.
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One Year Anniversary

Dec 06, 2014 Season 1 Episode 516

The members celebrate their one-year anniversary on the show by returning to various locations they've visited over the past year.
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Ultimate Autumn Cook-Off

Nov 29, 2014 Season 1 Episode 515

The two teams finish their multi-city game competing for ingredients. Later, the teams face off for the chance to sleep indoors.
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Best Autumn Food

Nov 22, 2014 Season 1 Episode 514

The members team up with a pair of celebrity chefs to track down the best autumnal food around.
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Stay Out of School

Nov 15, 2014 Season 1 Episode 513

On the final day of the inter-school field trip, the teens compete in a series of tests measuring their knowledge, strength, and dignity.
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School Fight

Nov 08, 2014 Season 1 Episode 512

The members chaperone a field trip to Kyung Sang Buk-do with current students from their old high schools. They face off for rights to a luxury van, and later, for food.
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Nov 01, 2014 Season 1 Episode 511

The trip to Gimje wraps up with a game of hide and seek, and later the members start a new trip at their former high schools.
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Countryside Life

Oct 25, 2014 Season 1 Episode 510

The members and villagers of Gimje are split into two teams to compete for a delicious feast.
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Farmed and Dangerous

Oct 18, 2014 Season 1 Episode 509

The members start their trip to Gimje by helping a group of elderly women with farming and repairs.
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End of Exhaustion

Oct 11, 2014 Season 1 Episode 508

By the final chapter in the Exo Note Friend trilogy, everyone is equally exhausted after a long night of games and fun.
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The Exhaustion Games

Oct 04, 2014 Season 1 Episode 507

The Exo Note Friend continues as the members and their exhausted guests compete for dinner.
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Oh! Exhausted One!

Sep 20, 2014 Season 1 Episode 506

The members compete in a last minute challenge to see who can wrangle the most exhausted friend and bring them to a remote island.
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Trust Fun

Sep 13, 2014 Season 1 Episode 505

The crew wraps up their shoot in Busan with a series of acting competitions and trust games to decide who must go on a fishing expedition.
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Tisn't the Season to Travel

Sep 06, 2014 Season 1 Episode 504

Jun Ho is putting on an international comedy festival so the cast travels to Busan, even though it's the off-season to visit.
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Itch to Pitch

Aug 30, 2014 Season 1 Episode 503

After a free wheeling day in Goon San, the cast reunites to pitch what they've been up to as luxury travel packages. Later, they compete for breakfast by searching for instruments.
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Free at Last

Aug 23, 2014 Season 1 Episode 502

The cast are given free reign over the course of their day. Split into groups of two, they explore the beautiful city of Goon San from three different angles: food, history, and nature.
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Crew Wars

Aug 16, 2014 Season 1 Episode 501

The cast faces off against each other with the help of crew members from behind the scenes. They wrap up their trip to Pocheon with a truly spooky trip up the mountain.
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The Ice Is Right

Aug 09, 2014 Season 1 Episode 500

The gang splits into three teams on a hot summer day. It's a race against time and the heat as they transport a delicate ice sculpture across the country.
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Battle of the Generations

Aug 02, 2014 Season 1 Episode 499

Jung Joon Young's legendary winning streak is put to the test when the older members gang up against him five against one.
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Hijinks On the Dongbaek Express

Jul 26, 2014 Season 1 Episode 498

Split into two groups, the cast must brave their way through a hilarious train ride to an exotic restaurant and a beautiful beach where bikini babes await them.
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Teacher All-Star, Part 2

Jul 19, 2014 Season 1 Episode 497

The teachers are back and are still competing over basic accomdations, like dinner and shelter. The girl group Sistar appears to judge a wild talent show!
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Teachers of Korea

Jul 12, 2014 Season 1 Episode 496

Separated from each other, the cast must pair up with fantastic teachers from all over Korea. After reconvening, they compete for the chance to sleep indoors.
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Daring Escape

Jul 05, 2014 Season 1 Episode 495

The cast makes a daring escape and kidnap themselves on the road. Later, they face off to avoid sleeping in a sauna.
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Visiting the Water Park

Jun 28, 2014 Season 1 Episode 494

The cast beats back the summer heat by visiting a water park and compete in a series of challenges to travel in an air conditioned car.
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Young Nam Alps, Part 2

Jun 21, 2014 Season 1 Episode 493

The boys play games at the top of Young Nam Alps and argue over how to get down.
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Young Nam Alps, Part 1

Jun 14, 2014 Season 1 Episode 492

The cast goes on a backpacking trip to the top of the Young Nam Alps.
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Image Commentary

Jun 07, 2014 Season 1 Episode 491

The cast sits down to review their season's images so far.
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Episode 2 Deja Vu Trip

May 31, 2014 Season 1 Episode 490

The cast continues to relive their first episode. An old member comes back.
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Episode 1 Deja Vu Trip

May 24, 2014 Season 1 Episode 489

The cast visit the same places and play the same games as the first episode of 2 Days 1 Night.
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Bungee Jump Challenge

May 17, 2014 Season 1 Episode 488

The bungee jump challenge is concluded. The crew travels to Seoul’s Sangamdong for a marathon challenge. They also visit an amusement park.
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Spring in Poongdo

May 10, 2014 Season 1 Episode 487

The crew travels to the beautiful western point of Poongdo for more challenges including gathering wild goats.
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The Wildflower Photography Challenge

Apr 12, 2014 Season 1 Episode 486

The cast takes a boat trip to the coastal town of Poongdo for a wildflower photography challenge and more.
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The Chicken Recipe Olympics

Apr 05, 2014 Season 1 Episode 485

The cast show off their cooking skills or lack thereof. The next morning the teams play various games at different locations, traveling towards Busan. Another challenge involves a boat trip.
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Spring Is Here With Cho Jin Hoo

Mar 29, 2014 Season 1 Episode 484

After a long train ride, the cast embarks on a food tour. They split up so they can try as much food as possible.
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The Costly Train Ride

Mar 22, 2014 Season 1 Episode 483

The cast finally gets off the no-smoking island and accept a new challenge. They have to travel to the train station without being recognized. The winner gets a nice bonus.
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Visit to Treasure Island Part Two With Hong Kyung Min

Mar 15, 2014 Season 1 Episode 482

The cast continues their stay on the only island that has no smokers. A few of the cast members don't last long with their pact to stop smoking.
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Visit to Treasure Island With Hong Kyung Min

Mar 08, 2014 Season 1 Episode 481

The cast visits a mysterious island to see if they can quit smoking for a few days.
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Jeollanamdo Ant Tour, Part 2

Mar 01, 2014 Season 1 Episode 480

The cast continues to undergo gruelling games to see who will get to eat some of the delicious foods of Jeollanamdo.
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Jeollanamdo Ant Tour

Feb 22, 2014 Season 1 Episode 479

The six crew members tour Jeollado’s four regions to play four games, and battle to win four foods. Who will get to eat a delicious traditional Korean meal this week?
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Back in Time in Seoul, Part 2

Feb 15, 2014 Season 1 Episode 478

The crew continues their trip back in time in Seoul, but this time, they explore the history of the city’s entertainment.
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Back in Time in Seoul

Feb 08, 2014 Season 1 Episode 477

The crew must visit the five oldest, historical places in Seoul during the Lunar New Year to find clues for their final mission.
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Men’s Trip to Gyeongbuk Uljin, Part 2

Feb 01, 2014 Season 1 Episode 476

The men of 2 Days 1 Night compete to find out who must go on a treacherous boat ride to catch octopus, and this time, even the staff members’ peace of mine is on the line.
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Men's Trip to Gyeongbuk Uljin

Jan 25, 2014 Season 1 Episode 475

The team travels to Uljin to compete in a number of manly tests to show off their strength, courage, and wits.
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The Canceled Voyage, Part 2

Jan 04, 2014 Season 1 Episode 472

The Canceled Voyage continues with the cast partaking in some chilling Winter games.
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What Men Live By, Part 2

Dec 21, 2013 Season 1 Episode 470

The members continue to race to the finish before sunset, and then enjoy some games and food later that night.
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Season Finale: Part 2

Nov 23, 2013 Season 1 Episode 466

The cast continues to bring Northern and Southern school kids together in the season two finale of 2 Days 1 Night!
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Season Finale: Part 1

Nov 16, 2013 Season 1 Episode 465

In Part One of the season finale, the members bring Northern and Southern school kids together.
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Status Climbing Race, Part 2

Nov 09, 2013 Season 1 Episode 464

The members continue their fun with the "Status Climbing Race" and battle it out based on their ranks.
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A Wonderful October Day, Part 2

Oct 26, 2013 Season 1 Episode 462

The cast continues to have fun on beautiful Jeju Island with more events including a karaoke and dance contest.
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Campus 24 Hours, Part 2

Sep 28, 2013 Season 1 Episode 458

The cast pairs up and continues to follow the routines of students in their campus life, focusing more on activites outside of school.
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Kangwondo Yang Yang Friendship Special Part 2

Sep 14, 2013 Season 1 Episode 456

Guests Lee Sae Wook, Kim Dae Myung, Chung Man Shik, Kim Young Tak, Kang Ae Won, Cho Jae Woon, Sung Joo Hoon, Yang Dahl Saem, Kim Min Kyung, Chang Dong Hyuk, and Oh Jung Sae return for the second part of the Kangwondo Yang Yang Friendship Special.
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Treasure Hunt Trading, Part 2

Aug 31, 2013 Season 1 Episode 454

Guests Winter and New Spring stick around for another adventure with the 2 days 1 Night cast members.
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Treasure Hunt Trading, Part 1

Aug 24, 2013 Season 1 Episode 453

The cast embarks on a treasure hunt with adorable canine guests Winter and New Spring.
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Kangning Bau Trails, Part 2

Aug 17, 2013 Season 1 Episode 452

The members continue their fun with different missions involving food, water and even paper sword fights.
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Guest: Park Soo Ae, Part 2

Aug 03, 2013 Season 1 Episode 450

The fun continues as Park Soo Ae and the rest of the members have a cook-off.
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Guest: Park Soo Ae, Part 1

Jul 27, 2013 Season 1 Episode 449

The crew is accompanied by guest Park Soo Ae as they conduct entertaining research for the Bah Kang Si Research Lab.
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Sinan Island Survival: Boy Scout Special, Part 2

Jul 20, 2013 Season 1 Episode 448

The Old Boy Scouts finish up their Sinan Island trip with some fun challenges, camping and quality time with animals.
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Sinan Island Survival: Boy Scout Special, Part 1

Jul 13, 2013 Season 1 Episode 447

The cast braves a storm and heads to the islands of Sinan, where they compete in a survival challenge as "Old Boy Scouts".
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