100 Days of Summer

  • 2013
  • TV Show
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Young Chicagoans navigate the highs and woes of their lives over one summer in this reality series.

Meet the ‘100 Days of Summer’ Crew
Season 1 Show Highlight: Get to know the sexy singles before they heat up the summer in Chi-town.
Chicago's Play Pen
Season 1 Episode 1 Preview: Find out why Chicago is the place to be for the summer.
Vincent Only Cares About Vincent
Season 1 Episode 7 Preview: Hamidah is furious at Vincent for not showing up to an event.
Drama at the White Party
Season 1 Episode 2 Preview: Pascale likes to be the center of attention which rub the others the wrong way.
Vince and Innuendo
Season 1 Episode 8 Preview: Say it with a smile and you get away with it ... Usually.
Kill, Marry, Screw: ‘100 Days of Summer’
Season 1 Show Highlight: Find out who our sizzling Chicago gang would eliminate, wed, and well, you know.
Ray Lets it Rain on Him
Season 1 Episode 6 Show Highlight: When Vince tries to brighten Ray s day, the tough footballer opens up on the golf course.
Ray is Done with Vincent
Season 1 Episode 7 Preview: Ray Austin goes off on Vincent Anzalone about being such a flake.
My Chicago: Phillips at Tails in the City
Season 1 Exclusive: Phillips Demming is in the Gold Coast with her dog Nigel at their favorite pet boutique.
My Chicago: Ray at the Arabia Hookah Lounge
Season 1 Exclusive: Ray Austin and Hamidah heads one of their favorite places in Wicker Park.
Pascale’s “Don’t ‘Baby’ Me” Breakdown
Season 1 Episode 4 Show Highlight: When Vince confronts Pascale for being reckless, calling her baby pushes her over the edge.
My Chicago: Pascale Wellin at Helen Yi
Season 1 Exclusive: Pascale Wellin shares one of her favorite boutiques.
Not Stealing Vince
Season 1 Episode 3 Preview: Pascale gets together with Vince's girlfriend so she knows Pascale is not tyring to steal Vince.
My Chicago: Vincent at the Chicago Firehouse
Season 1 Exclusive: Vincent Anzalone and his business partner Lonnie shows what the Chicago Firehouse is all about.
Phillips Makes a Face
Season 1 Episode 5 Preview: Phillips Demming confesses she s embarrassed by Pascale Wellin s antics.
Vince Learns He’s Rumored to Be Cheater
Season 1 Episode 4 Preview: Can Vince get to Jessica before she hears the rumor herself?
Pascale and Hamidah's Confrontation
Season 1 Episode 2 Preview: Pascale and Hamidah sit down to find some common ground.
Vincent: Thank You For Not Punching Me
Season 1 Episode 7 Show Highlight: When Vincent lets Ray down in his time of need, the two have a hard time finding a resolution.
"I Bring the Cock, You Bring the Tail"
Season 1 Exclusive: Vincent, Ray, Tara, Phillips, Jay, and Pascale share their most memorable pickup lines.
Three-Drink Pascale is Good to Go
Season 1 Episode 8 Preview: Pascale gets honest when drunk.
Pretty, Judgmental, and Rude
Season 1 Episode 1 Preview: Pascale Wellin has stopped trying to figure out why some girls just don't like her.
Who's Going and Who's Not?
Season 1 Episode 6 Preview: Pascale makes it clear that her life does not revolve around Vince.
“Dr. Feelgood for Dogs”
Season 1 Episode 8 Show Highlight: Chicago is dog town for our 100 Days crew -- especially vet Tara who has a secret to keeping her dog calm.
"I'm Not Going to Put Myself in That Situation"
Season 1 Episode 6 Preview: Vince's girlfriend does not want to go where Pascale would be.
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