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NBC Faces Reality of Strike with More Reality

As the WGA strike goes on — the AMPTP's latest offer was summarily scoffed at late Thursday, with talks not resuming until Tuesday — NBC has unveiled a schedule featuring at least six hours a week of unscripted fare. American Gladiators debuts Jan. 6, then moves to a Mondays-at-8 time slot, says the Reporter. (Chuck depletes its fresh offerings after Dec. 3.) The quiz show 1 vs. 100 returns Jan. 4, airing Fridays at 8, leaving Deal or No Deal with just its Wednesday berth. And The Biggest Loser, which wraps up its current cycle Dec. 18, sprints back to prime time on Jan. 1 with a fifth season featuring couples. Those air in two-hour batches Tuesdays at 8.NBC's previously announced that The Celebrity Apprentice premieres Jan. 3, airing Thursdays at 9.For ongoing WGA strike coverage, check TVGuide.com's Strike Watch blog. read more

Upfront Thoughts: NBC

Here's my quick take on the Fall 2007 primetime schedule that NBC announced earlier today....MONDAY8 pm Deal or No Deal9 pm Heroes10 pm JourneymanMonday has the potential to be NBC's biggest night. DOND is a game show juggernaut. Heroes will have a make or break sophomore season and Heroes: Origins better not be too gimmicky. Journeyman will try to carry the futuristic vibe of Heroes, but will fare about as well as Studio 60 did.TUESDAY8 pm The Biggest Loser9 pm Chuck10 pm Law & Order: SVUHistorically, this is the night where NBC shows go to die. The Biggest Loser has a small but loyal following. Chuck will be this season's failed attempt at government geek gone good. SVU just rolls on.WEDNESDAY8 pm Deal or No Deal9 pm The Bionic Woman10 pm LifeHey, it's another non-scripted show at 8 o'clock for NBC! DOND on Mondays and Wednesdays will wear thin. The Battlestar Galactica team is involved with The Bionic Woman, so I'll give Jamie Sommers the benefit of the doubt. Life is this ... read more

Bob Saget's Penguins Are Black and White and Very Blue

Bob Saget, Farce of the Penguins

Come on, admit it, we've all done it. While watching the hoity-toity March of the Penguins (a French documentary that was actually Americanized with Morgan Freeman as narrator), you have to wonder what's actually going on in the flightless fellas' heads. What must they be thinking making this endless, beyond-frigid trek, all in the name of mating, making and then guarding an egg, and then, after much waiting, getting some lousy fish for their effort? God bless Bob Saget, he of the seemingly bipolar "family friendly/potty-mouthed" on-stage persona, for addressing such questions with the R-rated, made-for-DVD Farce of the Penguins, featuring the voices of himself, Lewis Black, read more

Todd Bridges on Everybody Hates Chris? Whatchutalkinbout?!

Todd Bridges, Everybody Hates Chris

It takes Diff'rent Strokes to move the world, and nobody knows that better than Todd Bridges. Tonight, he begins a recurring gig as a crazed ex-military man named Monk on Everybody Hates Chris (8 pm/ET, on the CW), so we had to see what the former Willis Drummond is talkin' 'bout these days. TV Guide: From Skating with Celebrities [see the 2006 Q&A] to working with read more

1 vs 100's Bob Saget Reveals How He Got Game (Show)

Bob Saget, 1 vs 100

Best known for benign turns on Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos, Bob Saget shattered his wholesome image with extremely ribald appearances on HBO's Entourage and in the film The Aristocrats. The comic showed us a little bit of both personalities when he chatted about hosting NBC's 1 vs 100 (Fridays at 8 pm/ET), the latest game show from the Deal or No Deal folks. TV Guide: Why 1 vs 100? Saget: It's the most amazing thing ever made. [Laug read more

NBC's New "Must-Tee-Hee" Thursday Strategy

Finally, NBC is giving us what we've been asking for: a two-hour block of cutting-edge network comedy on Thursday. Just like in the old days, except in this new lineup, which kicks in November 30, there are no howling dogs like The Single Guy, Union Square, Veronica's Closet, etc.Here's the new lineup: My Name Is Earl, The Office, Scrubs and 30 Rock. Could it get any better than that?Well, I suppose it would be better if the competition were a little less brutal for Scrubs than Grey's Anatomy on ABC and CSI on CBS. This is, however, classic and aggressive counterprogramming. There's little chance Scrubs will do better than a distant third—for one thing, Grey's many weeks is as sexy and funny a hospital farce as the wacky, giddy Scrubs. But this lineup sends a strong signal that NBC is serious about Thursdays, a night the network used to own on the strength of its signature comedies. Or should I say NBC is being seriously funny, to borrow CBS's catch-phrase for its own comedy bl... read more

Ratings: Every-1 Watched 100, Heaven Slips

FRIDAYRiding on the coattails — and them some! — of like-minded lead-in Deal or No Deal (which won the 8 o'clock hour with 11.4 million viewers to Ghost Whisperer's 9.95 mil), the 9 pm series debut of Bob Saget's 1 vs 100 was watched by a mob of 12.55 mil, followed not very closely by Close to Home (11.1 mil). (For more on 1 vs 100, read Angel's Surfer Girl blog.) Men in Trees, meanwhile, was down 350,000, to 7.15 mil.At 10, Numbers (with just shy of 11 million viewers) again topped Law & Order (a season low of 9.4 mil).SUNDAYThe only stories this week were NBC's football coverage (Broncos-Raiders) being down almost 4 million (to 9.4 mil); Housewives placing first at 9 but again with a new low (20.02 mil, down 750,000 week-to-week); and CW's transplanted Monday dramas — 7th Heaven (3.15 mil) and Runaway (1.8 mil) — bringing in, across the two hours, nearly the same viewership as the Chris-All of Us-Girlfriends-The Game sitcom quartet, though Heaven was down m... read more

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