Winter Premiere Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sunday, Feb 1st 1 11/10c The Blacklist (NBC) Monday, Feb 2nd 2 Tuesday, Feb 3rd 3 Wednesday, Feb 4th 4 8/7c Fresh off the Boat (ABC) 10/9c Nashville (ABC) Thursday, Feb 5th 5 10/9c Allegiance (NBC) Friday, Feb 6th 6 Saturday, Feb 7th 7
Sunday, Feb 8th 8 9/8c The Walking Dead (AMC) 10/9c Better Call Saul Monday, Feb 9th 9 Tuesday, Feb 10th 10 Wednesday, Feb 11th 11 10/9c Schitt's Creek Thursday, Feb 12th 12 8/7c The Slap (NBC) Friday, Feb 13th 13 Saturday, Feb 14th 14
Sunday, Feb 15th 15 Monday, Feb 16th 16 Tuesday, Feb 17th 17 8/7c Repeat After Me (ABC) 9/8c Rizzoli & Isles (TNT) 10/9c Perception (TNT) Wednesday, Feb 18th 18 Thursday, Feb 19th 19 8/7c The Odd Couple (CBS) 10/9c Vikings (History) Friday, Feb 20th 20 Saturday, Feb 21st 21
Sunday, Feb 22nd 22 Monday, Feb 23rd 23 10/9c The Night Shift (NBC) Tuesday, Feb 24th 24 8/7c The Voice (NBC) Wednesday, Feb 25th 25 8/7c Survivor (CBS) 9/8c The Amazing Race (CBS) Thursday, Feb 26th 26 Friday, Feb 27th 27 12/11c House of Cards (Netflix) Saturday, Feb 28th 28