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  • 90210

    The CW soap wraps up its run the same way it all began: with a major change for Annie. This time around, she'll resort to drastic measures as she moves on from Liam. Elsewhere, a major accident puts the lives of two series regulars in danger, while Silver faces her own life-or-death health crisis. And it wouldn't be a finale without some fun cameos: Prince Michael Jackson makes his acting debut, while the Goo Goo Dolls (who performed in the original 90210's Season 6 finale) will perform.

  • Arrow

    Fans, beware: The finale is titled "Sacrifice," and there will certainly be a lot of that going around. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim says that the "epic" finale will feature the ultimate showdown between the Dark Archer and Oliver. "It is the fight to end all fights," he says. But the emotional stakes are also high. "It's a culmination of our season-long mythology as well as the character dynamics that really were set up in the pilot, both in terms of Moira's duplicity and the love triangle between Oliver, Laurel and Tommy." Meanwhile, back on the island, Oliver, Slade and Shado must prevent Fyres from shooting down a Ferris Air(!) plane. Plus: Expect some familiar faces to pop back up during the hour.

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Secrets, secrets are no fun. Cat will learn that someone in her family is not who they seem to be. Even worse, Vincent has perhaps been hiding this information from Cat. New ADA Gabe, meanwhile, continues to keep his own past on the down-low, which leaves Vincent extremely conflicted about whether to trust him. And since the finale digs deeper into the mythology surrounding Muirfield, look for a major cliff-hanger.

  • The Big Bang Theory

    Aptly titled "The Bon Voyage Reaction," the CBS comedy's Season 6 finale finds Leonard mulling taking a job overseas. "This is a big decision for him," executive producer Steve Molaro says. "It's difficult given that he and Penny are in the best place, relationship-wise, they've ever been in." But it may be Sheldon who takes the news the hardest: He's both jealous of his roommate and scared to lose him. As for the rest of the group, "At least one of the characters will be having a major breakthrough," Molaro says.

  • Blue Bloods

    The procedural's two-part finale will kick off May 3 and will focus on an uncooperative low-income housing project to which Frank & Co. have been trying to bring law and order for years. Part 1, which features Joanna Gleason as a public advocate, will end with a "call to arms," executive producer Kevin Wade says. That cues up a "violent tipping point" in the finale, when the family's beef with a gang leader puts one main character in serious jeopardy. But Wade promises that the finale wraps up "tidily" with no cliff-hanger.

  • Body of Proof

    Creator Matt Gross promises no cliff-hangers and lots of resolution to all of this season's major story lines, particularly the mystery surrounding the death of Megan's father. When Megan requests that his body be exhumed, her mother (Joanna Cassidy), advises Megan to check her late husband's patient files for clues about his death. "[Megan] now is starting to suspect that maybe her father didn't commit suicide at all," Gross says. "If he didn't, who killed him, and why? … Unpacking that story is going to affect [Megan's] relationship with her mother, her relationship with her daughter… and her relationship with Tommy." Possibly related: Henry Ian Cusick reprises his role as Megan's grief counselor.

  • Bones

    Pelant (guest star Andrew Leeds) is back, and this time he's got an accomplice: religious cult member Zane Reynolds (guest star Beau Knapp), who has a bone (heh) to pick with the FBI — or more specifically, Booth. "There is a connection to Booth's past," executive producer Stephen Nathan says about the case in the finale. "We find out about some of his work at the FBI that we didn't know about. And it appears as if the victims have a close connection to Booth." As Booth is targeted, Brennan is forced to reevaluate the couple's relationship. "The notion of marriage is again brought up in the finale," Nathan teases. "If you thought the pot was stirred [this season], the pot ... overflows and messes up the kitchen floor in the season finale."

  • Castle

    Unlike Castle's previous two season finales, this year's case, which involves a body found in a hotel water tank, has no direct connection to our heroes' personal lives. But the episode will still pack an emotional punch once Beckett drops a bombshell. "They face the biggest challenge to their relationship that we've seen so far," creator Andrew W. Marlowe says. "We find Castle and Beckett forced to confront the hard questions about what their relationship is based on and who they are. Questions start bubbling up, [like], 'Where are we going?'" And the answers could impact everyone at the precinct. "The finale could potentially change everyone's lives forever," Marlowe teases.

  • Chicago Fire

    The members of Firehouse 51 find themselves trapped during an extended, harrowing rescue. As if the flames weren't enough, the firefighters will also grapple with crises in their personal lives. Dawson and Mills hit an intense, emotional crossroads in their relationship, which will force Mills to consider a very difficult career move. Meanwhile, Shay and Severide face earth-shattering news regarding their plans to have a baby.

  • Community

    Four years after being disbarred, Jeff finally has enough credits to graduate. But before he can move forward, the entire study group must face their evil alter egos from the "darkest timeline." "[Jeff's] at this crossroads," Jim Rash teases. "Can [he] go back to where he came from and will he be different or not?" Showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port say the episode could double as a series finale, but even if the show does return, it will do so without Chevy Chase, whose character Pierce will end his 14-year run at Greendale.

  • Criminal Minds

    The members of the BAU will at long last come face to face with their season-long nemesis The Replicator when one of them becomes a victim. Mark Hamill guest-stars in the two-hour episode, but details about his role are being kept under wraps. (Is he The Replicator?) Hotch's brother Sean (Eric Johnson) and his girlfriend Beth (Bellamy Young) will return for the first hour, which takes place in New York and ends with a Replicator cliff-hanger. Speaking of cliff-hangers, the season will yet again close with one — and with someone's future hanging in the balance.

  • CSI

    D.B. Russell and his team will have their every move scrutinized as a journalist who wants to out LVPD corruption (Battlestar Galactica James Callis) follows the CSIs as they investigate a series of Dante's Inferno-inspired murders. One CSI will risk their life by going undercover to narrow the suspects, one of which is a highly intelligent doctor (guest star Tim Matheson). Plus: Detective Brass will have to put aside his problems with his ex-wife (guest star Annabella Sciorra) when their daughter is reported missing.

  • Elementary

    Get ready to finally meet Moriarty! "It comes to our attention he may be operating in New York," executive producer Rob Doherty says. And he's not the only legendary Sherlock Holmes character popping up: The two-hour finale also features the appearance of Sherlock's former lover Irene Adler (Natalie Dormer), whose courtship with the intrepid investigator will be explored through flashbacks that expose Sherlock's downward spiral into addiction. Plus: Another man in Moriarty's employ will unlock some shocking revelations.

  • The Following

    Get ready for a showdown as serial killer and cult leader Joe Carroll authors his terrifying final chapter. But will he bring FBI agent Ryan Hardy to his knees? "[When a] gothic horror story reaches its conclusion, [it] usually ends in someone's descent into insanity," creator Kevin Williamson teases. "Joe Carroll has a vision for his ending, which sort of comes to hero vs. villain: Who will win, and who will save the girl?" The episode finds Joe and his ex-wife Claire escaping to a secret location, with Hardy hot on their heels. And not everyone will make it out alive. "It's called 'The Final Chapter' for a reason," Williamson says

  • Glee

    While last year's tearjerker of a finale revolved around Rachel & Co.'s graduation from McKinley High, no caps and gowns were used in the making of Season 4's final chapter. Instead, the season finale will focus on a proposal, as Blaine considers popping the question to his on-and-off love Kurt. (He'll do so with the help of guest stars Patty Duke and Meredith Baxter, who play a lesbian couple who could return next season.) The rest of the New Directions travel to Regionals to face the stiffest competition yet: a glee club led by American Idol's Jessica Sanchez. Meanwhile, Rachel will find out if she gets the callback for Funny Girl on Broadway. No graduation? No problem!

  • The Good Wife

    Alicia's son Zach will take the stand on the night of Peter's election when Zach believes he's witnessed vote tampering. Alicia, Will and Diane are subsequently rushed to a series of emergency court proceedings that pit them against Patti Nyholm (Martha Plimpton) in front of Judge Abernathy (Denis O'Hare). Elsewhere, Cary will continue his quest for power when a surprising source offers him aid to start his own firm. Plus: Mayor Michael Bloomberg guest-stars as himself.

  • Grey's Anatomy

    Although an initial report suggested there wouldn't be a large scale disaster in the finale, executive producer Shonda Rhimes recently tweeted that the writers have changed their plans for the season-ender — and she wasn't kidding. A super storm will head towards the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital on the penultimate episode and will reach its full, violent force by the finale, when the doctors are sent into crisis mode as the storm ravages the hospital. Here's hoping McBaby doesn't decide to arrive during the storm!

  • Grimm

    Get ready to Grimm and bear it! "There's going to be a big, exciting cliff-hanger," executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf tell "Nick is going to be in a pretty terrible position, and some of Nick's enemies may have the upper hand." But why should Nick have all the fun? Pals Monroe and Rosalee will also be in peril, and the effects of Juliette's creepy memories returning will come to a head. Elsewhere, everyone's favorite ex-Hexenbiest Adalind will definitely be "making trouble," as will a menacing new Wesen. Plus: Expect to see the royal family and the mysterious and haunting Baron Samedi (guest star Reg E. Cathey).

  • Hawaii Five-0

    The team must find a terrorist who landed his hijacked transport plane in Oahu before he is able to carry out his attack. All the while, Kono is on the run for a murder she didn't commit and McGarrett learns some shocking news from Wo Fat. Could it have something to do with what happened between Wo Fat and McGarrett's mother Doris in the safe house? And can McGarrett trust either of them? "We find our team risking it all by putting their trust in people or things that maybe they shouldn't," executive producer Peter Lenkov says. "We'll see if their faith pays off." As for whether Doris will stick around, Lenkov says, "We've only just begun to scratch the surface on Doris McGarrett. … Her story's not quite done yet." But someone will likely say goodbye. "The English translation of our finale title is 'Farewell and take care,' Lenkov says. "You can take want you want from that."

  • How I Met Your Mother

    Aptly titled "Something New," the finale takes place during the week leading up to Barney and Robin's wedding, which finds the future Mr. and Mrs. Stinson bumping into a couple (Casey Wilson and Keegan-Michael Key ) at a restaurant, Marshall taking Marvin Jr. to Minnesota and Lily being offered a new job. As for the Mother, Ted will make a game-changing decision that will set up — and reset — the series for the final season. Remember, he was 45 days away from meeting her in March, and we know how HIMYM likes to stick to its timelines…

  • Law & Order: SVU

    The Season 14 finale, titled "Her Negotiation," will feature the SVU squad going after a sociopathic serial rapist who has had a run of extraordinary luck in the legal system. But ending the creep's string of victories in the courthouse won't be nearly as important as protecting Detective Benson, who becomes the rapist's next target.

  • The Mentalist

    As Patrick Jane narrows down his list of Red John suspects, the serial killer strikes another pointed blow at Jane by killing someone from his past. (Look for some familiar faces from Jane's carnie days to show up again.) But will Red John's most recent murder be the one that does him in? "This season has been about Jane digging into the notion that it's not that Red John could be anyone; it's that Red John is one of a very specific set of people that Jane is uniquely qualified to investigate," executive producer Tom Szentgyorgyi says. "The finale is going to pay that off in a way that will completely change the hunt for Red John. We are going to know some very specific things about who he might be."

  • The Mindy Project

    Mindy's quest for self-improvement reaches its peak when she decides to follow minister Casey to Haiti for a volunteer mission. But don't worry: Even though Mindy's becoming charitable, she's still every bit the drama queen. "Mindy goes through a pretty big physical transformation in order to prove her commitment to her relationship with Casey," Ike Barinholtz says of Mindy's new (and very short) hairdo. But even though Mindy's with Casey, all hope isn't lost for her and Danny. "There's a true moment in the episode where it's kind of undeniable that there's something between the two of them," Barinholtz teases.

  • Modern Family

    When Phil's mother passes away, the family heads to Florida to say goodbye. Look for Phil to deal with the loss in an interesting way after he discovers that his mother left him a rather unusual mission to fulfill. (She also leaves each of the Dunphy children a special gift, though Alex is perplexed by hers.) As for everyone else? "Gloria has an outstanding warrant in Florida and that needs to be taken care of," executive producer Steve Levitan says. "Cam falls in with a gang of old women from the retirement village where Phil's dad lives. Jay runs in to a woman that he had a fling with 40 years before." Sounds surprisingly fun for an episode featuring a funeral!

  • Nashville

    The lesson of Nashville's freshman season? Love hurts. For starters, Juliette's relationship with her mother's sober coach creates "many, many, many problems," creator Callie Khouri teases. And even with Rayna and Teddy making progress on their divorce, Teddy still figures into the season's major love triangle. "Teddy is not exactly going gently into that good night," Khouri teases. "[Rayna's] proximity to Deacon still is like a burr under the saddle." Also look for Teddy to make some big political moves that create major conflicts for the other characters. "Suffice it to say, Teddy exerts his power as mayor," Khouri says.

  • NCIS

    The search for the man who killed Ziva's father and Vance's wife will actually land Gibbs & Co. in hot water. Leading the federal witch hunt is Department of Defense Investigator Richard Parsons (guest star Colin Hanks), who questions the unconventional methods of Gibbs' team during their case and ultimately puts some agents' future in jeopardy. Fortunately, Gibbs will be able to rely on some old friends: JAG's A.J. Chegwidden (John M. Jackson) will come to the team's defense and Muse Watson's deceased Mike Franks will serve as Gibbs' conscience. "Gibbs is going to face some very tough decisions," executive producer Gary Glasberg says. "And who better to help him than his best friend?"

  • NCIS: Los Angeles

    Get ready for another partner swap! After a nuclear explosion in the Pacific renews NCIS' search for stolen nuclear weapons, Hetty sends Callen and Kensi overseas and partners Sam and Deeks stateside. But look for the finale to also pay off this season's exploration of Sam's relationship with his undercover CIA agent wife. "It's a bigger finale than any we've done in terms of the outcomes and what's at stake," executive producer Shane Brennan says.

  • New Girl

    The season finale, mysteriously titled "Elaine's Big Day," will feature Cece and Shivrang's wedding. And, of course, not everything goes as planned. Look for Schmidt to unleash Winston's crazy side as he attempts to prevent the nuptials. "We've got a lot of tension [with] how Schmidt feels about it and if Cece's making the right decision," executive producer Liz Meriweather says. Meanwhile, Jess and Nick will face a big decision about their relationship. "They're struggling with their feelings about each other, and trying to figure out what they mean and what to do about them," Meriweather says. Plus: Taylor Swift guest-stars and Rob Reiner returns as Jess' father.

  • Nikita

    Nikita will do what she does best: act impulsively without consulting others! Meanwhile, Michael and Alex seek out an expert who could help find a solution to Michael's dire, life-threatening situation. Time is not on anyone's side, however, and failure could result in even more death and the total upheaval of everything they've all worked so hard to build. Then again, it wouldn't be the first time that the world of Nikita has been reinvented!

  • The Office

    All season long, the beloved comedy has turned the tables and put the spotlight on the unknown documentary crew behind the cameras. Expect that to continue through the finale, which will explore how the Dunder Mifflin crew reacts to seeing the documentary on the air. Details are sparse, but expect closure for the major characters and the return of some familiar faces. "I think it's a wonderful goodbye to our fans," Angela Kinsey says of the hour-long finale, which will also serve as the show's landmark 200th episode. "There's going to be laughter and tears."

  • Once Upon a Time

    With the final two episodes titled "Second Star to the Right" and "And Straight On 'Til Morning," it's obvious that Neverland will play a role in the finale — but how? Executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz say we'll get more backstory on both Hook and Neal, who have been to Neverland before. Kitsis also notes that a new character will be teased in Neverland, but we won't actually meet him or her until Season 3. Back in Storybrooke, look for Tamara and Greg's treacherous motives to come to light, while the Charming family has to find some way to come together as the possibility of going home to the Enchanted Forest looms.

  • Parks and Recreation

    Leslie reflects on her last year in office during Pawnee's Founders Week, for which many familiar faces (including Jason Schwartzman's adult-video store owner, moral watchdogs Marcia and Marshall Langman, Wamapoke Indian Ken Hotate and, quite possibly, Jean-Ralphio) return. Meanwhile, there's a shocking mystery to uncover! "One of the characters finds some evidence that there could be a pregnancy, but the person who may be pregnant is unknown," executive producer Mike Schur says. Plus: Burt Macklin will come out of retirement!

  • Person of Interest

    When the Machine comes under attack and goes offline, Finch and Reese will have to rely on some surprising allies to save it. But that could also be because our team of heroes has been fractured. "Something from Fusco's past comes back that becomes very divisive among our guys," executive producer Greg Plageman teases. "It becomes an interesting point of conflict in whether our characters can ever actually move past that." Adds executive producer Jonathan Nolan: ""This is not a season that necessarily ends well for anybody." Then again, the Machine may not need to be saved. "What happens when [the Machine] comes under attack? The question to ask is: Have we seen all the facets of the Machine and its true power?" Plageman teases.

  • Revenge

    Get ready for a major death — and it's not a fake-out this time! During the two-hour finale, titled "Truth," one of the core cast members will bite the dust, and viewers will definitely know who it is before the end of the episode. (Please be Declan!) Elsewhere, "the story of Victoria's son begins in earnest in the finale," executive producer Mike Kelley says. And the somewhat confusing Initiative story line is finally coming to an end. "All of your questions will be answered," Kelley says. "It'll provide future story, but it will do it by wrapping itself up." Plus: Emily will be forced to choose between Daniel, Aiden and Jack.

  • Scandal

    The men and women of OPA will find themselves in troubled waters as they try to figure out the real identity of the mole, which will be revealed by season's end. (Who are you working for, Jake Ballard?!) Meanwhile, the White House will face its biggest political nightmare to date and Fitz will make a decision that will alter everyone's course. We hope it means more Olitz!

  • Supernatural

    With an episode title like "Sacrifice," it's clear that Sam and Dean's mission to close the gates of Hell won't exactly end with sunshine and rainbows. Besides dealing with Crowley and Naomi, the Winchester boys will also have to push themselves in directions they never imagined. "Things are starting to spiral out of control," executive producer Jeremy Carver says. "They're going to have to figure out, more than ever, how far they're willing to go to get this revenge." Meanwhile, Castiel will also resurface with Heaven's best interests in mind. (Or are they Naomi's interests?) Plus: Sam's Season 1 love interest Sarah Blake (Taylor Cole) may not be the only familiar face returning.

  • Two and a Half Men

    Walden gets the ladies — of all ages. The billionaire mogul starts dating Stacey (guest star Hilary Duff), but ends up falling for her grandmother, played by Marilu Henner. How Unforgettable, right?! Meanwhile, Alan, who takes Jake on a father-son trip, is still coping with his breakup from Lyndsey (Courtney Thorne-Smith), but she won't be completely out of the picture yet.

  • The Vampire Diaries

    It's high school graduation! But who has time to think about that when Silas must be stopped? But can he be? "When the season is over, it's pretty clear that they haven't seen the last threat from this guy," executive producer Julie Plec teases. Elsewhere, Tyler's fate rests solely in the hands of Klaus, who will decide whether to let Tyler and Caroline be happy. Most importantly, someone will ingest the cure, but the ramifications will spill into next season. Could that have something to do with the major shakeup of the Damon-Elena-Stefan triangle that's to come? "The end of the season [will be] changing the dynamic of the three drastically and sending each individual party off on a very new and distinct future," she says.


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