It's been a while since we've offered up a fresh edition of the Shanelle Workman Romance Report, so here goes: "I'm single and very happy," the bubbly B&B starlet told at her recent birthday party. As you first read here, she's spent time with such eligible Hollywood bachelors as John Stamos and American Idol fan-fave Constantine Maroulis in the past year. Ms. Workman didn't care to elaborate on what stalled her romance with Mr. Jake in Progress.

And Constantine's just a good pal now. In fact, he was expected at Shanelle's soiree at the famed Friars of Beverly Hills, where the guests were mostly soap luminaries like the studly Michael Lowry (ex-Les, As the World Turns), Soap Star judge Michael Bruno and The Young and the Restless boys Michael Graziadei (Daniel), Blair Redford (Scotty) and David Lago (ex-Raul), who says he's still catching hell for his oddball Daytime Emmy acceptance speech, which was cribbed from Chris Walken in Catch Me If You Can. At least it was memorable. As for Connie, he never showed, but word is the rocker did call Shanelle at midnight to wish her a happy birthday.