This week reported that Guiding Light is killing off Ross Marler, who has been MIA in Springfield since Jerry ver Dorn jumped to One Life to Live last fall. This classic character's off-screen death is a downer indeed, but there is an upside: Liz Keifer — who plays Ross' redheaded wife, Blake — gets sprung from story-line limbo.

"This opens the door for Blake to be a free agent again," Keifer tells "She has been paired with Ross for 14 years. We've been known as 'Bloss' for a long time! Jerry and I had so much fun playing together. He's such a professional; I learned so much from him. Of course I'm sad that's over, but I prefer confronting the loss of Ross than continuing to pretend he's still here and everything's fine."

The best part of soap widowhood? "I've never had a story that was about me," Keifer laughs. "Next Wednesday I take over Ross' legacy and run for mayor against Jeffrey O'Neill (Bradley Cole). Blake is a sharp cookie with a strong background in business and politics. It's time she got her brain back."

Hopefully she'll also return to her bad-girl roots. "You walk into a room and it's hard to count how many men Blake has slept with," the actress cracks. "I hope the show digs up her past."

Too bad Mrs. Marler can't quite bury the past. "There's no coffin at the memorial service because the bodies in Ross' plane crash were burned beyond recognition," Keifer teases. "There's a mystery surrounding the circumstances of his death. I find out that not only is Ross dead, but he may have been having an affair with his assistant. My grief knows no bounds!"