This week on Passions, Ethan makes a shocking confession as Theresa's life hangs in the balance. Ethan learns that a young woman has been injured in a motorcycle accident and takes off to look for Theresa, who was in a distraught emotional state after Ethan told her he doesn't love her in a romantic way. "Ethan's trying to tell Theresa that he's going to marry Gwen and she runs away," says his portrayer, Travis Schuldt. "He overhears Miguel saying that his motorcycle is gone. So Ethan kind of puts two and two together. He comes up on a scene of an accident; a car and a motorcycle that were in a wreck. He ask the bystanders and they say a girl that was actually on the motorcycle was taken to the hospital."

At the hospital, an unconscious Theresa fights for her life. The doctors advise that a testament of love may save her and Ethan admit his feelings, but does he mean what he says? "At first, Ethan's doing it because he wants Theresa to live, he doesn't want her to die," says Schuldt. "He knows it just the right thing to do. But Ethan gets questioned again because Theresa tells him he doesn't want him to say it if he doesn't mean it." As Ethan repeats his love for Theresa, his true feelings start to surface. "He's always known that something has been there, but he's never fully realized it and this moment is important because that's when he does." Does he mean it the second time around? "Yes," exclaims Schuldt, "He realizes that can't deny this anymore, that these feelings are for real. They're much stronger than he ever thought they were. Love brings her back to life."

Gwen overhears Ethan making his confession, which leaves his fiancée to try to rationalize what she has just witnessed. Ethan soothes the waters by telling Gwen that he pretended to be Chuck, Theresa's imaginary boyfriend, to save her life. By the end of the week, Ethan will finally have to make a decision between Theresa and Gwen. "Ethan's going to do what's right," says Schuldt. "What's interesting is, is he going to do what's right for him, or is he going to do what's right for everybody else?"