The wait is over as Nora returns to Llanview this week. Nora awakes from her unconscious state in the convent, with no idea where she is or how she got there, but certain she has to escape. "Nora gets dressed in some nun's habit and leaves the convent. You don't know where she's going," says her portrayer, Hillary B. Smith. "The next thing you see is Sam and Nora's house, and everyone's there accusing Lindsay of doing something to Nora. All of a sudden, Todd shows up and he's got Nora with him." Family and friends are ecstatic to see that Nora is alive and well, but their happiness is short-lived when it becomes evident that Nora has lost her memory.

"Todd's basically a stranger, taking me to a strange house filled with strange people. They look at me like I've come back from the dead," says Smith with a chuckle. "And I don't remember anything until Hank walks in the door. And I'm like 'Oh yes, thank God you're here. Take me out of here. These people are wacky.' He takes me to a hospital to have me checked out and make sure I'm OK."

While Nora's closest kin are troubled over her amnesia, Lindsay sees it as an opportunity to protect her own selfish interests. "Lindsay's the only one clicking her heels over this one," says Smith. "She proceeds to rewrite history for me. And since Nora doesn't remember anything, that works out fine." Former captor Colin devotes himself to Nora's recovery. "Colin has always been concerned foremost because he's a doctor. He's been feeling horribly guilty about using this woman, but now he's determined to do something right."

The road to recovery will not be a quick, easy route for Nora. She still thinks she's married to Hank. "Her memory doesn't rush back to her," explains Smith. "She looks at Matthew, but she doesn't know who he is, she remembers Rachel as a little girl." In an attempt to remember, Nora will take drastic measures, but will it be enough to bring her back to the present? "Everyone will be shocked by what she does remember," says Smith. "Especially Bo."