Gordon Thomson, Dynasty
Are you as psyched as I am for Dynasty Reunion: Catfights & Caviar, which airs May 2 on CBS? Just like the Dallas and Knots Landing reunions, this one gathers cast members from Aaron Spelling's nighttime soap to reminisce about their sudsy adventures in the '80s. In search of scoopage, TVGuide.com rang up Gordon Thomson, who played Dynasty devil Adam Carrington, in addition to his daytime gigs on Ryan's Hope, Santa Barbara and Sunset Beach. This cheeky, candid Canadian did not disappoint!

TVGuide.com: How's your TV mother, Joan Collins?
Gordon Thomson:
I've known Joan on and off for 24 years and I've never seen her happier. She's in great form. [Collins' fifth husband] Percy Gibson is the best thing that ever happened to her. It's a great match. They're frisky and lovely together. They're mutually nuts about each other.

TVGuide.com: I love her. But who doesn't, right?
Oh, the list is a long one! [Chuckles] She can be very rude in public. She's very shy and very self-protective. People in stores and airline ticket counters have the most awful stories that could curl your hair. She was a huge success, but she was not happy inside, as a woman, during [her marriage to Peter Holm in the '80s]. Now she is very happy inside. It's true! Linda and Joan both looked alive and marvelous at the reunion. I've never seen Joan so positive, ever. I was really, really impressed by how everybody seems to have thrived.

TVGuide: Who will we see at the reunion?
The big news was that John Forsythe was there. He has never done a reunion show. It was John, Joan Collins (Alexis), Linda Evans (Krystle), Al Corley (Gay Steven No. 1), Pamela Sue Martin (Fallon No. 1), Catherine Oxenberg (Amanda) and myself. Just the seven of us.

TVGuide: Emma Samms — the other Fallon — recently returned to General Hospital. Why isn't she included in this show?
I don't know! I do know that their budget was small. I know that put off John James and Diahann Carroll (Dominique). The big lack for me is J.J. because he started off as Jeff Colby in the pilot and stayed right through. They spun off The Colbys with his character, and then he came back to Dynasty for the last season with Emma Samms. He was integral to the success of the show. I'm sure he was appalled at the money [the reunion's producers] were offering. I was appalled, too, but I couldn't afford to say no — and he can! [Laughs]

TVGuide: You were fabulously wicked as Adam. You raped, you connived.... Is there anything rotten you didn't do on Dynasty?
In the early days, when Adam was really a p----k and trying to steal Blake's company, I think it would have been sensational if he could've taken advantage of Krystle. But Blake and Krystle were embedded in the public's mind — and also in Aaron Spelling's mind — as the perfect loving couple. So that was not to be tampered with. Unfortunately, Krystle was the only female on the set for a long time who I wasn't related to! Before they learned they were brother and sister, Adam and Fallon were turned on by each other. We'll show a clip of Pamela Sue Martin giving me a roundhouse slap because Fallon was so disgusted.

TVGuide: Well, no doubt this will be a huge treat for your fans.
I was not looking forward to it, but I ended up having a very good time. Reunion shows are always full of clips that are over 20 years old and nobody likes to be reminded that time is passing. That's not nice. Actors are all vain and I'm as narcissistic as anybody. [Laughs] Dynasty also hasn't yielded any money for the actors in almost 15 years. Believe me, if there was a nickel to be found, Joan, who is very good at it, would find it. I don't say that in a nasty way, seriously. She was taught by unpleasant experience to take care of herself, and there's sadly no money to be found.

TVGuide: You mean with all these years of reruns — Dynasty's currently airing in heavy rotation on SoapNet — the cast gets zilch?
Thank you!