Tragedy strikes this week on Guiding Light when the Spaulding project is sabotaged and Josh is trapped inside. Despite their separation, Reva rushes to be by Josh's side when she learns of the collapse. Alarmed by the poor conditions and the lack of proper safety equipment on the construction site, Josh takes matters into his own hands, which results in deadly consequences. "Josh has been sticking his nose where it doesn't belong," says Robert Newman who portrays Josh. "He kicks a bunch of construction workers, sort of a fly-by-night group, off the site." Jake, the unscrupulous foreman behind the nonunion crew, has been instructed by Maria Santos to stop Josh's meddling, so Jake plants a bomb on the site. "Josh is set up by this evil foreman, who waits for him to get into a certain place and then hits the button," says Newman. "The whole building comes down around him and he gets pinned underneath a structure as an entire floor collapses on top of him."

Reva learns of the accident and immediately goes to the scene. He's the father of her children," says Newman, rationalizing Reva's reaction. "Even though they are separated now and working toward a divorce, I think when something like that happens, you respond so quickly, you're not thinking about all the other stuff. You're just thinking, There's someone I care about." With the help of one of the workers, an illegal immigrant named Diego (Philip Anthony), Reva frees Josh just in time. "Both of them are instrumental in getting Josh out," Newman explains. "Josh gets out fairly quickly, and then there's a second collapse, which Reva goes back into once Josh has been taken away from the site. She finds Diego has been crushed, and she holds his hand while he dies."

At the hospital, Josh drifts in and out of consciousness. New love Olivia arrives at the hospital to be near Josh, but is threatened when she witnesses Reva and Josh's intimate bond. "Even though he seems genuinely happy to see Olivia at one point, [this incident] leads in a direction that creates problems for Josh and Olivia," says Newman. Will the tragedy ultimately bring Reva and Josh back together? "As much as we try to split Reva and Josh up, they're connected for all eternity," says Newman. "She's loved him all her life. I think this is just a piece of the puzzle. Heck we've been playing these two characters opposite each other for almost 18 years, and now I think there's this general idea that there will be some kind of reconciliation down the road."