That's no apparition you're seeing. Jensen Buchanan (ex-Vicky, AW) is returning to As The World Turns. She'll be reprising the role of Vicky, but this time Buchanan is back — as a ghost.

Vicky was last seen briefly on the ATWT canvas when she crossed over to the show with Tom Eplin (Jake) from the defunct Another World. Her character presumably perished in a plane crash late last year. But fans have been clamoring for her return.

Being involved in a supernatural storyline is nothing new for Buchanan. In 1997, she crossed over into the afterlife to be reunited with her love, the late Ryan Harrison, who reassured her she was still needed on earth. Could Vicky be returning to reassure Jake that she approves of his burgeoning relationship with Molly? Since Buchanan now resides in California, she'll be back and forth to New York shoot scenes, but could be on for a while, explains the actress's spokesperson. Buchanan will start in October.