Speaking of soap hunks named St. John, One Life to Live star Trevor St. John has a can't-miss episode on Friday, Feb. 3. Spoiler alert! "Todd is sentenced to death by legal injection [for murdering Margaret and their unborn son]," OLTL head writer Dena Higley tells TVGuide.com. "Then we cut to Margaret in labor."

Yep, the pregnant psycho is alive, not drowned or strangled. Todd's wrongful murder conviction is, of course, engineered by the evil Dr. Spencer Truman. "Spencer wants Blair," Higley emphasizes. "I wanted the audience to go through phases with Todd where they thought he did it, then they knew he didn't, then they thought maybe Spencer had killed Margaret. Then it's revealed that Spencer has just been sequestering her. [He's done this because] it's not just about getting Todd out of the way physically. Spencer has to kill Todd emotionally for Blair. He has to kill her love for him. That's not easy to do."

Sheesh! You'd think a successful surgeon who looks as good as Paul Satterfield wouldn't have to work this hard to get a girlfriend. Only on the soaps.