Robin Strasser, One Life to Live
Soap fans who ring Robin Strasser's recorded hotline at (212) 414-5300 are regularly treated to very colorful chatter from the One Life to Live star. Last week, Dorian Lord's feisty portrayer gave us the 411 on her current status at her ABC sudser.

"I just had a meltdown," Strasser told callers. "I was so upset because I thought that my new ABC contract would be signable, and then I open it and read it and it's not what I was told I could have.... I can live with the enormous pay cut I took in order to return to the show [in 2003]. I cannot seem to get any significant improvement, so I'm making half of what I did in 1999. But still, it's a living and it's work I love."

In short, the diva will stay on, even if she's duly grumpy about the budgetary belt-tightening soap vets are facing today. In happier news, La Strasser and her fellow OLTL costars — many of whom are talented singers with Broadway cred — have joined forces to make a hurricane-relief CD called One Life, Many Voices. The 26-track disc is available at and includes a book of cast photos taken by amateur shutterbug Michael Easton, who plays broody cop John McBain. The better to score the stars' autographs with, my dear.