Ty Treadway, Soap Talk
Is Soap Talk cohost Ty Treadway — who played troubled twins Colin and Troy MacIver on One Life to Live — actively courting The Bold and the Beautiful for a part? Well, yes and no. Reports published elsewhere have suggested that he's aggressively campaigning to be on Brad Bell's serial about L.A. fashionistas. Now Ty wants to clarify things a bit.

"Let me tell you exactly what that was about," Treadway says. "My cohost Lisa Rinna and I were on location in Hawaii doing interviews with reporters to promote Soap Talk's Season 4 launch. Lisa said, 'You know what show would be great for you? B&B. It's a half hour, it films close to your house, it's one of the top soaps on the air and Brad Bell is great with developing characters. We're gonna put that out into the universe!'

"Lisa's always putting stuff out into the universe," he adds with a chuckle. "Within a month, three soap magazines had headlines like, 'Ty Treadway to B&B: Please Hire Me!'

"So I said, 'Ms. Rinna, I'm very glad you put it out into the universe, but could you make me not sound so desperate next time?' It sounded like I'm begging. And I wouldn't beg, unless, of course, I thought it would help. Then I'd be beggin'. Just kidding!"

That said, Treadway did recently chit-chat with Bell about B&B at the Carpool Guy premiere in L.A. "He told me to send over a tape of some work," the SoapNet host shares. "The feedback I received through my reps was that [Bell] saw a specific character in his mind when he watched my work. So hopefully that prompts him to actually put pen to paper." Fingers crossed!