Melody Thomas Scott by Robert Voets/CPT/CBS
Melody Thomas Scott of The Young and the Restless is giving the single greatest performance in soaps these days and, word is, we ain't seen nothing yet.

This week, her sob-queen character, Nikki, will hit the bottle down in Mexico when she thinks her ex-hubby Victor (Eric Braeden) has died in a boat crash. Great news for us Nikki nuts (we love to see her suffer!), but bad for Nikki, who's been a recovering alcoholic since the early '90s.

"When Nikki isn't drowning her sorrows in the local cantina and drunk-dialing Katherine, she's staggering along the beach hoping for some sign of Victor," Scott says. "He finally turns up and we have scenes that are very Scarlett and Rhett, and I don't mean that in a romantic way but in the true sickness that was Scarlett and Rhett. It's really good stuff - like classic Y&R from 20 years ago." - Michael Logan