Jennifer Gareis and John McCook by Brian Lowe/, Texas Battle by Ryan Born/
The upcoming marriage of The Bold and the Beautiful's Eric and Donna (John McCook and Jennifer Gareis) has trouble written all over it - and not just because he's a hotshot megamogul and she's an inflatable bimbo doll. After the "I do's" on May 9, we will learn that the bride has a secret past she has not shared with her new hubby.

"When Donna was 16, she had a baby and gave it up for adoption," says B&B chief Brad Bell. "The identity of the dad, who is black, is going to remain a mystery for a while."

But the product of that union - now a strapping young man named Marcus - will soon arrive in L.A. in search of Donna. The role will be played by fright-flick fave Texas Battle ( Final Destination 3, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End). Yep, Bell plans to play the race card- mildly anyway. When Marcus first shows up at Eric and Donna's mansion, she assumes that he's with the staff and sends him to the kitchen. - Michael Logan