Natalia Livingston and Tyler Christopher by Ron Tom/ABC
As the World Turns : And Baby Makes Five
Paul (Roger Howarth) and Rosanna (Cady McClain) get hitched, but Paul may have impregnated Craig's gal Meg. Naturally, somebody will mess with the paternity test. Holden and Lily head for divorce court. Nutty moms Barbara and Iris team up for villainy.

General Hospital: Murder at the Ball
Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) throws a black-and-white ball climaxing in the death of a top character. The story rewinds 11 hours, then each episode moves forward one hour - à la 24 - to reveal what really happened. Who's going bye-bye? There's much buzz that it's Nik's ex-wife Emily (Emmy winner Natalia Livingston), but ABC is strictly mum.

One Life to Live: What a Drag
Baby snatcher Marcie (Kathy Brier) evades the law via an offbeat underground railroad that finds her performing with drag queens in Georgia and getting help from a Katrina family in New Orleans. Plus, Tuc Watkins, briefly sprung from his gay-neighbor gig on Desperate Housewives, will pop up as chick-chaser David Vickers. "It's getting a little confusing," notes Watkins. "I'm straight in the day and gay at night. Sometime around dusk I'm celibate."

Passions: Vincent Is Pregnant!
It's safe to say Phillip Jeanmarie will never get another role like this: His Passions character, Vincent, is a killer, tabloid snoop and randy intersexual (the term hermaphrodite is no longer PC) who recently donned female drag and had sex with his own father. On Nov. 5, Vincent finds out he's pregnant. Who's the daddy? His pop Julian, or was Vincent sperminated by his uncle Chad back when they were having their down-low affair? "As far as I know, Julian is the father, unless [head writer] James Reilly throws in a twist down the line," Jeanmarie says. "Don't forget, this is Passions - intersexuals have male and female reproductive organs, so maybe Vincent is the father of his own baby. If so, I'll roll with it!"

More hot plots:
" Guiding Light supercouple Harley and Gus end their marriage. Also, Dirty Sexy Money's Daniel Cosgrove returns as Bill and quickly has a shocking tryst.
" The Bold and the Beautiful stages an epic fashion show that ends with Eric choosing between his maniac wife, Stephanie, and his new slut-babe Donna. Fan favorite Todd McKee returns as Jake, and an iconic character is shot.
" All My Children's Cameron Mathison isn't just dancing with the stars - he'll be dancing between two potential disasters. His character, Ryan, overlooks a serious crime in order to protect his babymama Kendall. He also finds himself aboard a private jet flown by crazy Richie, who has terminal leukemia and nothing to lose. - Reporting by Michael Logan