Dear Soaps,
I vaguely remember a soap called Capitol which I think aired on CBS. It went off the air before I began watching soaps regularly, and I'd appreciate it if you could tell me anything about it. — Lwew

Dear Lwew,
Political intrigue, star-crossed lovers and a prime-time premiere. These were the elements that kicked off the CBS serial Capitol, which first aired March 26, 1982 at night — a first for a daytime drama. The half-hour weekday serial focused on the lives of two feuding families, the Cleggs and the McCandlesses. In true soap opera fashion, the show featured the secret love affair between college student Julie Clegg (Kimberly Beck-Hilton) and Air Force hero Tyler McCandless (David Mason Daniels), who feared the wrath of their sparring clans. The show boasted several faces which can be found on today's shows, including Constance Towers (Helena, GH) as Clarissa McCandless, Marj Dusay (Vanessa, AMC) as Myrna Clegg, Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, OLTL) as the second Julie Clegg and Jess Walton (Jill, Y&R) as Shelley Granger/Kelly Harper No. 2. Viewers were surprised when despite the show's reasonably healthy ratings, it was canceled after only a five-year run. (DD)