Dear Soaps,
I am trying to figure out who played Brandon (Lujack) Spaulding on Guiding Light when he came back years later and said he was his twin. Thank you. — Vickie

Dear Vickie,
The actor, Vincent Irizarry played Lujack from 1984-86 and then returned to GL from 1992-96 as Lujack's never-before-known twin brother, Nick McHenry. But Nick never claimed to be Lujack's twin. Their mother, Alexandra Spaulding, was the one who worked to convince Nick that he had to be her son. Of course, Nick's girlfriend (and Alex's nemesis), Mindy Lewis, also played a role in keeping it secret — she was afraid of losing Nick if he learned about his parentage. You can now catch Irizarry on All My Children. He plays Dr. David Hayward and was most recently involved with Erica Kane (Susan Lucci). (DD)