Dear Soaps,
I am trying to remember the name of Patch and Kayla's daughter on Days of Our Lives. And where is she right now? Is she with Kayla and did Kayla marry Shane? Or is her sister, Kimberly, married to Shane? I've been trying to remember but now I think that I am draining my poor brain! —Aim Liz

Dear Aim Liz,
Give that cranium of yours a rest! Patch and Kayla's daughter, who was born in February of 1990, was named Stephanie. Nine months later, Patch was killed. In 1991, Stephanie was kidnapped by her nanny, but was later recovered in Australia. She is currently living with her mother, Kayla, in Los Angeles. Shane isn't married to Kayla or her sister, Kimberly. He is living in Europe. (DD)