Dear Soaps,
Please tell me who One Life to Live's Max Holden has been married to and his children's names. I'm pretty sure he has one boy with Gabrielle and then he has a set of twins (a boy and a girl I think), but I can't remember whom they were with, or how their mother passed away? Thank you. — RF

Dear RF,
Your assumptions are correct. Currently Max is married to Blair. In the past, Max was married to Luna Moody and Gabrielle Medina, and he almost married Tina Roberts, Todd and Viki's sister — but when she called him by former husband Cord Roberts' name during the ceremony, Max put a halt to the wedding. Years before Max and Gabrielle married, she had their son, Al Holden. Twins Frankie and Leslie Holden are Max's kids with his beloved late wife, Luna Moody. Soon after their birth, Luna was killed by a member of a Llanview gang. Max could be singing the praises of fatherhood again if Blair has her way. She currently claims to be pregnant with his unborn child. (DD)