Dear Soaps,
Can you tell me who killed Tad Channing on As the World Turns? Wasn't he buried in a slab of cement? &#151 Deanna

Dear Deanna,
Tad certainly didn't make a lot of friends in the short time he was in Oakdale. He tried to sabotage Steve's business and destroy Steve's marriage to Betsy with seemingly incriminating photos; blackmailed Lucinda and Barbara; tried to rape Meg; and attempted to seduce his ex-lover, Iva. Tad's hands were found protruding from the hardening cement of the Walsh Towers Foundation. Who was behind the murder? None other than Barbara's signature model, Denise Darcy. Tad was holding her porn film past over her head. Denise was the one who had to pretend to be Betsy's half-sister Emily and lured Betsy to Los Angeles where those fake photographs were taken. (DD)