Dear Soaps,
My sister and I have a question on The Young and the Restless. I say there was another actress who first played Sharon. She says the current Sharon is the one and only. If there was another one, why was she replaced? Where is she now? — Fergp

Dear Fergp,
Tell your sister she's wrong. Not one but two actresses, Monica Potter and Heidi Mark, each played the role briefly before Sharon Case assumed the role back in 1994. The show wanted to find just the right actress since the writers were making a long-term investment in the character. Casting Case in the role has certainly paid off. In addition to being a fan favorite, Case won the Supporting Actress Daytime Emmy in 1999. Potter and Mark haven't exactly remained idle since moving away from Genoa City. Potter's appeared in the films Patch Adams, Without Limits and Con Air. Mark was a regular on the short-lived revival series Love Boat: The Next Wave. She's also appeared in Bad as I Want to Be: The Dennis Rodman Story and Swimsuit: The Movie. (Michael J. Maloney)