Dear Soaps,
I just started watching Passions two months ago, and I am confused about something. Have they ever shown Julian's father? I know he often calls him on the phone and we hear his voice, but have they ever actually showed him? Thanks. — Nancy

Dear Nancy,
Much like Charlie, the man who gave Charlie's Angels all their assignments without ever showing his face, we have never seen Alistair, the patriarchal voice behind the Crane family. We've only glimpsed his hands, feet and shadow, and heard his authoritative voice. That voice belongs to actor Alan Oppenheimer, who has done numerous voice-only parts and narration over the past fifty years. Need a visual reference? Oppenheimer also played network executive Gene Kinsella on the sitcom Murphy Brown. Passions's producers have said if Alistair ever needed to be seen onscreen, Oppenheimer may or may not be cast in the role. (Delaina Dixon)