Dear Soaps,
Please give your insight on the John Black story line(s) on Days of Our Lives. Is it me or am I the only one who notices that anything that can happen has happened to John. First he was Roman Brady, then Father Black, then a mercenary, then a pilot, and now he imagines that he's a doctor. No telling what else he was/is. Is there no end to this? Will he ever be "normal" and quit trying to be The Pretender? — Cyndi

Dear Cyndi,
Days viewers have indeed needed a scorecard and graphics to keep track of the multiple jobs and identities held by John Black over the years. One reason there have been so many changes is that there have been so many head writer regimes since Drake Hogestyn (John) joined the show in 1986. To his credit, Hogestyn has tackled each new challenge and brought believability to the each and every new situation. Because the character can't remember much of his past, it provides the opportunity for writers to say, "Then, this is what the character did during that time." (MJM)