Dear Soaps,
Whatever happened to Kristen and Susan on Days of Our Lives? Rozcat

Dear Rozcat,
It seems that a lot of people miss the Elvis-loving Susan, who was a dead ringer for the manipulating Kristen. Stefano originally hired the pregnant Susan to pose as Kristen, who had lost her baby during an explosion in Stefano's underground cave, but was still pretending to be pregnant so she could stay with John Black. After numerous encounters with Kristen, who was determined to get custody of Susan's baby, Susan fled to England with the baby, who she had named little Elvis. Kristen kidnapped Susan's sister, who actually was a sister — Sister Mary Moira Banks — to lure Susan back to the country. Kristen then sold Susan into slavery and planned to head to England to claim the baby. When a body was found in the pool who looked like Kristen, everyone in Salem believed Kristen was dead. Kristen, who assumed Susan's personality, pretended to be in love with Edmund Crumb, Susan's lover who had come to Salem to protect his woman. Edmund admitted he had "killed" Kristen. Horrified, Kristen tried to ditch Edmund on their honeymoon in Bermuda, but Susan confronted her, who had escaped the slavery ring and was more than ready to get her man and child back. Susan pulled a gun on Kristen, took back little Elvis, and forced Kristen to take her place in the sultan's palace. Talk about karma. Susan, finally reunited with Edmund and Elvis, left Salem. And just who perished in the pool? That would be Penelope Kent Banks, Susan's long lost sister. Penelope, who was dying of a rare disease, agreed to help Susan fool Kristen so she could keep little Elvis safe. Unfortunately, Edmund had thought Penelope was Kristen when he pushed her in the pool and accidentally killed her. (MJM)