Dear Soaps,
How did the NBC soap Sunset Beach end its three-year run? — TJay1777

Dear TJay1777,
The sun set on Sunset Beach with mostly happy endings when it aired for the last time on Dec. 31, 1999, just a few days short of its third anniversary. Annie and Olivia buried the hatchet as did Carmen and Gabi. Sean reunited with Emily. Casey and Sara looked toward the future. Gregory went to jail. In a classy move, actor Eddie Cibrian got time off from his prime-time show Third Watch so he could reprise Cole, who was reunited with Caitlin and Trey. Bette and A.J. began a romance. There was one bittersweet moment when Gabi announced that she was leaving Sunset Beach, following the revelation that she had betrayed Ricardo with his brother Antonio, a priest. Michael and Vanessa and Ben and Meg were wed in a double ceremony. Then, Meg woke up back in Kansas. All the Sunset characters were suddenly playing her hometown family and friends. Had her three years in Sunset Beach been a dream, Meg wondered? Then, Ben Evans appeared at her door, indicating that Meg and Ben were destined to be together. In the final scene, Meg woke up in Ben's arms back in the real Sunset Beach. Fortunately, TPTB had decided against the Twilight Zone ending. (MJM)