Dear Soaps,
Why has OLTL's PTB made Jessica seem as bad as Roseanne when she lied to Cristian about her feelings? The girl who once said she would never lie about her feelings has lied. I feel this is a bad route for the story. How are they going to clear that one? — Latoria25

Dear Latoria25,
A string of lies can make the most virtuous person do things that are out of character. Jessica thought Will had broken his promise when he left her, but he only left to make sure Jessica would return to her mother, who he thought was dying, thanks to Todd's lies. Feeling hurt and betrayed, she turned to Cristian for comfort. In my opinion, Jessica didn't really lie about her feelings — she did at one time love Cristian — but the emotions that made her accept his wedding proposal stemmed from misleading information. And then Cristian added fuel to the fire by keeping Will's letter away from Jessica. Once she learned the truth, Jessica couldn't deny her true feelings for Will, and that's why she left for Ireland without a backward glance at her jilted fiancé. Maybe, once the dust settles, Jessica will be able to sit down and talk to Cristian about their failed relationship and they can both offer each other an apology. (DD)