Dear Soaps,
On General Hospital, Sonny attempted to impress Reese, the FBI agent, by cooking her dinner. He made chicken in a white-wine sauce and served red wine with the meal. No one serves red wine with white meat! Who researches this stuff? &#151 Lisa

Dear Lisa,
While GH has yet to put a food connoisseur on its payroll, GH's head writers, Bob Guza and Chuck Pratt insist that "Sonny is a gourmet. He would never make that kind of mistake!" But we were dying to know if Sonny had made a major faux pas with his wine selection, so we contacted John Barricelli, cohost of the scrumptious PBS series Everyday Food. And here's the verdict: Toss out the notion that white meat and red wine don't mix! According to Barricelli, who has 27 years of professional cooking experience, a robust pinot noir will nicely complement any poultry dish.