Dear Soaps,
Is Francesco Quinn, who plays Tomas del Cerro on Y&R, the son of actor Anthony Quinn? If not his son, is there any relation? There is quite a resemblance between the two and I was just wondering. Would you be kind enough to let me know, please. Thank you. — Enrea

Dear Enrea,
That strong resemblance is no coincidence. Cerro is the oldest child of Iolanda and actor/producer/director Anthony Quinn. The senior Quinn, who has been making films since the 1930s, has won two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor. Son Francesco was born in Rome. Francesco has had the opportunity to work with his father on several occasions, among them NBC's The Old Man and the Sea and the PBS special O'Henry's Christmas. Francesco starred as a young Antonio Stradivarius, the legendary violin maker, in Stradivarius Crenonese, where his father played the lead role. (DD)