Dear Soaps,
Does Lindsay Korman (Theresa) sing the theme song from Passions? — Irene

Dear Irene,
The voice that sings "Breathe," the main title theme of Passions, is certainly sweet enough to belong to Korman, but the song is actually sung by melodic songwriter Jane French. French, who has been performing music since the age of 8, co-wrote the Emmy-nominated song with her producer/manager John Henry, one of the show's composers. Back in 1998, French's mom sent her daughter's song demo to Henry. He was already familiar with her voice since he had produced her performances for several toy commercials, and was quickly captivated by her savvy songwriting. Henry encouraged French to submit some of her work for the Passions theme song, and as they say, the rest is history. Want to hear more from this talented singer? French is working on a solo project for NBC Records. Look for her first album to be released early next year. (DD)