Dear Soaps,
Did Melissa Leo ever appear on All My Children in the role of Linda Warner, Cliff Warner's sister? Thank you. — Jakewha

Dear Jakewha,
Right you are! Leo (who went on to become a regular on Homicide: Life on the Street) was on AMC as Cliff Warner's kid sister from 1984-85. Linda arrived in town with her no-good boyfriend, Chris, who had been shot in a robbery. She wanted her goody two-shoes brother to help but not report the crime. Cliff gave in but paid for his kindness with the suspension of his medical license. Linda's other claim to fame was snapping pictures of a drugged Nina in wicked Zach Grayson's bed. Zach then tried blackmailing Cliff with the photos…that is until Marian Colby murdered Zach in self-defense. (DD)