Dear Soaps,
On All My Children, wasn't Jake married to Emily, that girl who went loony? If I am right, how come they always act as if Jake was never married and they never talk about it? — Elizabell

Dear Elizabell,
You're absolutely right. In 1990, Jake, then known as Joey (and played by Michael Brainard, who went on to play Ted on the late Santa Barbara) fell for Emily Ann Sago. They married at an early age — and against his family's wishes — after Emily Ann was traumatized when she learned that her birth father was pimp Billy Clyde Tuggle and that her natural mother Estelle and her current mom, Donna, had both been hookers. The young married couple almost broke up, but reconciled when Emily Ann learned she was pregnant. Sadly, when Emily Ann lost the baby, it became too much for her, and she was committed to a mental institution. Under the circumstances, is it really so hard to believe that Jake wouldn't want to talk about this part of his life? (Delaina Dixon)