Dear Soaps,

Who was behind the hiring of Hogan Sheffer as ATWT's new head writer? Are you back on good terms with MADD and Graham? Why didn't you update the Soaps News column when the news about Sheffer taking over ATWT was released?

Dear SEW,
I've been told from various sources that Bill Graham "discovered" Sheffer, which, hopefully, means Sheffer won't get too much interference from P&G. MADD and I are pals again ("Bygones!" she wrote in her note to me); I seriously doubt Graham knows who I am... although, if memory serves, he turned down my request to interview him a few years back. Maybe he does know who I am. I didn't feel the need to update Soaps News because — in my mind, at least — it was only a matter of time before Sheffer ascended to the head writer position. I mean, P&G had warned me earlier in the week not to intimate anything about his future at the show, which was the dead giveaway that he was going to be named chief scribe.