Dear Soaps,
What ever became of Keith Hamilton Cobb (ex-Noah, All My Children) and George Pilgrim (ex-J Chamberlain, Guiding Light)? Both of them left their soaps with lots of bad thing to say, and how they were "too good" to be wasting their time on soaps. I've seen neither hide nor hair of them since. — Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
Cobb is set to star in the syndicated series Andromeda and has guest-starred on the show The Beastmaster. He also made an appearance on the much maligned sitcom Suddenly Susan. Pilgrim, a David Duchovny look-alike, has made fewer appearances, having worked on the films Addams Family Reunion and Cowboy and the Movie Star since leaving GL. In an interview last year, Cobb shared that he expressed an interest in returning to AMC for a few months since he was going to be in New York performing Shakespeare. Reportedly, AMC turned him down. Whether it was because the timing wasn't right or because he burned a few bridges in Pine Valley is unclear. Then, Cobb expressed interest in joining As the World Turns for a brief period, but the show reportedly wanted him for a three year contract role - and he had to screen test for it. Printed reports indicate that this didn't sit well with the tried and true actor and negotiations broke off. In Cobb and Pilgrim's defense, one has to keep in mind that most exit interviews are given around the time actors are leaving their shows and emotions are running high. What they say isn't how they're necessarily going to feel down the line. (MJM)