Dear Soaps,
I have been out of the loop concerning Y&R for some time now. Could you please update me about Katherine's granddaughter Mac? I know that Kay met her in a homeless shelter and discovered that the girl was Brock's long lost daughter. But how did she make that conclusion? Is Mac indeed Kay's granddaughter or is she an impostor? How did Mac end up homeless in the first place? Why does Jill hate her so much? It seems like Billy causes more trouble than Mac does and that Mac is actually a sweet girl. Does Jill hate her simply because she is related to Kay? And where is Brock now? How does Raul fit in the picture? Why he first came on, I thought he was an older friend of Victoria's? Now, he plays a teenage role. — Angela

Dear Angela,
Boy, Angela, as Saturday Night Live's Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say to her favorite letter writer, Mr. Richard Feder of Fort Lee, New Jersey, "You sure ask a lot of questions!" Here goes: Kay got to know runaway Mac while they both lived at the shelter. Mac talked about wanting to find her grandmother and Kay put two and two together regarding her connection to Mac when the young girl showed up on the doorstep of the Chancellor mansion. Kay hired private eye Paul Williams to help locate Brock, Mac's dad. Brock turned up alive, after initial reports indicated that Brock might be dead. Brock turned up alive and has been staying at the Chancellor house. There have been no blood tests performed on Mac and Brock, but Brock doesn't deny a relationship with Amanda, Mac's mom. Jill's the one who suspects Mac of being an impostor. Recently, Mac alluded to Billy the reason that she ran away from home in the first place was due to abuse in the home. Mac is afraid that she'll be sent home if Amanda learns where she is. Neither Kay nor Brock presently has legal custody of Mac. Does Jill hate Mac just because she's related to Kay? That doesn't help, but Mac got on Jill's bad side after she had the "audacity" to be crowned prom queen over Brittany, thereby ruining Jill's teen cosmetics campaign. As for Raul, he's always been a teen pal of Billy's. Perhaps you're confusing him with Gary, Tony or one of Victoria's many other admirers over the years. (MJM)