ABC's Emmy-winning soap All My Children has launched a nationwide search for a veteran of the Iraq War to join the cast in a new role.

The open casting call is looking to cast the role of Brot, an injured veteran who plays the believed-dead love interest of Beth Ehlers' Lt. Taylor Thompson, who comes to Pine Valley to deliver service medals to Dr. Frankie Hubbard. When she finds out Brot is alive, the couple reunites, revealing their individual back stories along the way.

Exec producer Julie Hanan Carruthers said in a release that casting a real-life veteran "will give this character an authentic and specific personal perspective, combined with a unique sensibility." Carruthers also said the show will partner with USA Cares, an organization that supports 9/11 veterans and their families to "ensure that we tell this story honestly and accurately."

While the interested veterans don't have to be injured, the writers are open to working in the real-life injuries and circumstances into the character's story, the AP reports. This latest story follows All My Children's history of weaving controversial themes into the drama, including the Vietnam War in the '70s. - Adam Bryant