Mrs. Bachelor Bob is back in the Fusion business. Rebecca Budig will reclaim the role of All My Children's Greenlee starting January 16. (What do you think about it? Vote here.) Also, Daytime Emmy winners Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams are returning as Angie and Jesse Hubbard on Jan. 18 and 25, respectively - this despite the fact that Jesse famously died in his wife's arms a bazillion years ago and has since made several ethereal visits as a ghost.

"We are giving the fans what they've been asking for - Rebecca returns as Greenlee and a beloved super-couple have a second chance," says ABC Daytime boss Brian Scott Frons. "Fans can look forward to Greenlee's storyline developing around her business, her friendships and her love life. Angie and Jesse made an eternal imprint on... viewers, and many fans will not believe he's alive." Seriously - his ghost even gave Pine Valley that "magic box" one Christmas!

When Budig returns to the role she created, Greens is suddenly stricken down by a mysterious illness. That brings Angie back to Pine Valley Hospital to consult on Greenlee's case as well as that of a "secret patient." It all leads to what ABC calls "the most shocking reunion of all time: after 20 years, Angie will reunite with Jesse."

What's your take? Do you welcome Budig with open arms, or was Sabine Singh sufficing as the recast? And just how do you think they will bring back Jesse?! - Matt Webb Mitovich