A "Kiss Campaign" is underway, hoping to coax CBS and Procter & Gamble Productions into giving As the World Turns' Luke and Noah another on-screen liplock (especially since some primo opportunities were conspicuously dodged in recent weeks). "Soaps, like all businesses, live and die by consumer response to a product," campaign founder Jerome writes at AfterElton.com. "And while email complaint letters certainly get noticed, it's the more-grandiose gestures that usually succeed in eliciting a response." Hence, his decision to make like Jericho fans did (showering the Eye with nuts) and call on Luke-Noah supporters to flood CBS Daytime Programs SVP Barbara Bloom with Hershey's Kisses. "The symbolism," Jerome notes, "is obvious."

Let's hope this campaign has a result other than Ms. Bloom's administrative assistant gaining 10 pounds. - Matt Webb Mitovich