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The Young and the Restless
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Eden finds Kevin in a lousy mood and learns their business website is a disaster and he needs millions by next week. He worries to Eden he may have to ask Gloria for help. At the Athletic Club Ronan is not happy to hear Phyllis defend her decision to go to work for Jack. Nick runs into Adam and Jack as Jack announces Adam as the new CFO of Newman. Nick guesses he gave his shares to Jack for the position. Ronan watches Phyllis as she eyes the men arguing. When Nick sees them together, he walks out. Summer also sees them together and assures her mother she doesn't care what she does. Noah lets Nick know he found Adam being at Sharon's house the other day. They search her house and find smokey clothes and realize they haven't seen her since the fire. Phyllis complains to Jack about hiring Adam. Sharon uses the phone in Adam and Chelsea's house and then slips out when Chelsea comes home. She confides to Chloe she feels someone was in the house and then talks about her problems with Adam. Chloe thinks a job might help distract her from her fears. They call Kevin who comes over. Adam is not happy to hear Chelsea wants to work with Chloe and Kevin at his place. He lets them all know he's upset she didn't talk to him about this first. Alone with Adam, Chelsea rails at him for thinking she's incapable of doing this job. Adam then finds one of Sharon's photos of Noah on the floor. He confronts Sharon and she explains she had to reach out to her son. She agrees to go see a doctor. Back with Chelsea, Adam upsets her when he admits he accepted a job offer from Jack. Seeing Ronan with the teen boy again, Summer introduces Fen to him and hints to Fen she wants them to be friends.
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